Don’t Hold Back From Trying New Ideas

You equate success and impact with being absolutely certain about everything and because right now, you feel certain about nothing, you wonder if you have what it takes to create the successful life you desire.


You hold tight to old ideas about what you are allowed to do instead of allowing yourself to follow your bliss…


You think that it makes you look flaky to always be trying something new and so you stay stuck in the old. You are bored and dissatisfied but you think it gives you weight and makes you responsible.


You forget that the creative ones are the ones who win. And when I say, the creative ones, I do not mean painting and drawing and singing and all of that, though that can definitely be an expression of creativity.


What I mean, is that creativity that allows you to come up with great new ideas and go with the flow of them. You are never tethered in one spot, doing the same old things that keep you stuck and do not even work for you. You experiment, you dare to try things that others will not, you refuse to be defined and placed in a little box that makes others feel safe but constricts your spirit.


Yes, you do the work of communicating with your audience every day, building your contact list and offering something for sale each day.


Yes, you are committed to serving the people you are called to serve…


And yet, you are free of dancing to the tune of other people’s opinions.


You choose to go with the flow of what feels exciting to you in this moment. An idea occurs to you and you grab a hold of it. You connect it to the needs of your people and you offer it to them as an idea, a product that can help them and you charge them for it.


Can you simply do that? Or will you keep holding on to your outdated ideas about the way business SHOULD work? Or your ideas about when you are allowed to make money? Have you even allowed yourself to ask for the sale recently? Or are you dancing around the issue, hoping that someone will just hand over their money to you without you ever asking for it?


Will you let yourself create wealth while being free of the constraints of a society that has lost its way? Will you be one of the leaders that chooses to break free of these constraints and do something different, showing others that it is absolutely possible to live a life of freedom?


It will, of course, be scary and yet, also FREEING!


Once you get past the fear of this new way of being, life will feel exhilarating because suddenly, all those seemingly childish ideas will find a home in you and you get to create a life that feels fun, exciting and also creates wealth.


You have a unique design – There literally has not been created a business model that will work for you. YOU HAVE TO CREATE IT! and you will not create that abundant model until you start to trust your inner wisdom and stop looking to find all your answers in the life of another.


You have to trust the process and keep showing up, following the promptings of your spirit. Don’t hold back from trying new ideas – Your ABUNDANT wealth will be found in them.


Or of course, you can keep doing what you are doing and never experience the breakthrough.   It is always your choice.


Fight for, deliberately design the life you are born to live.


Do you want more impact and more income? Do you want it now? Are you fed up of the uncertainty? Are you fed up with KNOWING that you are called to make a difference to lots of people and still not being able to make it happen? Are you fed up of not generating the wealth and abundance that you know is your birthright?

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