Do The Thing You Dream Of Doing, BE The Person You Dream Of Being. IT IS TIME!

Don’t you see yet that it is time to get past all the fear, the self doubt and the wondering about your motivation?

Don’t you see yet that this is your one life and ain’t no one hanging around to give you permission to live it?

Don’t you understand that it is on you to create the life you desire?

Today, right now, you can start to do the thing you dream of doing.

Today, right now, you can just BE the person you dream of being.

You don’t need to wait any longer

You simply need to believe in yourself

Recognise fully that you are one with the Divine and that you get to deliberately design life

Stop wondering what others will think of you

Stop looking at the past and all the mistakes made.

You were a different person then.

Today is a new day

RISE UP and claim it

There are no rules of how you have to live your life…

None except the ones you created and accepted and chose to live to

And frankly if they are not working for you, why the heck do you persist in living to them?

What are you really scared of?

The man in the sky coming to kill you off with one blast from his lightning gun

That man does not exist

It is a figment of your imagination, designed by some person in your life to keep you under control

Break free completely (

You have already been thinking these thoughts…

I am not telling you anything new

YOU KNOW this already

I mean, look at what you are doing and being right now, is it getting you what you want?

You may have even started taking tentative steps in the direction of your dreams but you keep stop starting and watching to see the reactions of those around you…

Will they accept you?

Will they reject you?


Do you accept yourself?

That is the only question that matters

Do you give your own awesome self permission to design life the way you want it?

Don’t you understand yet that it is AS YOU LIVE TO YOUR TRUE DESIGN that you get to make a difference?

It is not while you keep checking to see if people love you, that you change their lives…



Love what you are here to create

FOCUS on that

Forget the world

Forget what those around you, right now, think…

They may not be in your life when you finally are living the vision you decided before you were even born…

The ones who love you unconditionally, will still love you

The ones that don’t, DO NOT EVEN MATTER in the grand scheme of your life!


Be all you are born to be

Be the deliberate designer

Create the opulent life you desire

Take the Quantum leap


As a victorious champion

You can defeat the voice in your head that keeps trying to keep you small

It is just conditioning

You no longer need to be subject to it

This is your LIFE


Do the thing

Be the thing

Start NOW!

Join me for QUANTUM LEAP – Change who you are being to change what you are getting.  Overcome, fear, guilt, anger and self-doubt and claim the prosperous life you are born to live NOW!

We start on Thursday

Much Amazing Love

Rosemary Nonny Knight
The Prosperity Minister

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