Do Not Sleep Through The Day Of Opportunity

Know the importance of the season you’re in
    and wise you will be.
    But what a waste when you
    sleep through the day of opportunity!

Adapted From The Bible

We all go through various seasons in life…

There is a time to plant seeds

A time to harvest them

Sometimes, the time between planting and reaping the harvest goes on forever…

And you are tempted to lose heart…

You are tempted to rest on your laurels and tell yourself some story about how nothing ever seems to work all that well for you…

And then you miss your opportunity

You miss out on the life you deeply desire to live

Thankfully, like most seasons there will be another cycle

But for a lot of people, they have gotten a bit more stuck, a bit more jaded and it is even harder to stay on course to the prosperous life they desire


You are born with the power to experience prosperity iin all areas of your life…

Not a settled-for, ‘other people defined’ version of prosperity

But a prosperity that you feel great about…

You are called to show the way for others in your world to create that life too…

We are coming into a new age of the human race where it is just not enough to survive in a life that is just mundane

Robots are taking over the mundane stuff

People in the far reaches of the earth who can live on less money than you, in the western world, are taking over mundane things

This is the time to fully own your TRUE DESIGN life

This is the time to be a pioneer, a forerunner for your family

And you KNOW IT!

I am not saying anything to you that you do not already know

And yet, I see you, dabbling at being the leader but not going all the way in.

AWAKEN, Messenger of Light

Do not sleep through the day of opportunity and then wake up to find that you STILL HAVE TO DO IT but when you are older, more fed up and it is harder to make the transition.



Go over to and immerse yourself for at least 30 days to leave behind the pain and limiting beliefs of the past that keep you from jumping on the opportunities that present themselves to you.

There is an opportunity right now to be the forerunner in your TRUE DESIGN industry before it is overrun by the latecomers to the purpose-driven life and business.

Much Amazing Love

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