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A few days ago, some lovable soul left my mailing list and community (sob) with a terse note about me being disruptive.

And I got to thinking about the word.

I liked being called disruptive.

Why on earth would I want to not make any waves at all?

I am called to be disruptive!

To break through the status quo…

To unleash a message of power and break through passivity until I wake people up to the purpose inside of them.

It is my GOD-GIVEN mission to be disruptive.

What of you?

Are you trying too hard to be meek, to be liked, to stay on the safe side?

Too many bills to pay, too many responsibilities, too many people looking up to you and expecting you to stay in place, keeping them happy? Retirement age approaching and you are afraid of having no pension?

And so you stay passive.

Like I used to be.

Waiting for life to happen to me…

And it did.
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Oh yes, it did!

Bankruptcy, depression, hopelessness happened to me…

All while trying to be everything to everyone and failing dismally.

That disrupted me.

That took me off my undefined and broad path to nowhere.

I WOKE UP because I got disrupted and I jumped on the narrow, more fulfilling path!

Are you ready to wake up yet because there is still work for you to do and you know it!

The little whispers in your head, the calling to be more is getting louder and I am disrupting you right now. You KNOW that it is time to step things up a lot because this life you are leading is not becoming of you. You know you are more powerful, more able, just simply more and it is time to WAKE UP.

Yada, yada, yada – I KNOW that compared to most you have done a lot but why compare to most?

Is this YOUR best?

Or is it a settled-for version of you?

The ‘Trying to keep the peace’ version of you…

The ‘Fearful of the unknown’ version of you…

It is time you got disrupted!

And then it is time you disrupt others…

The ones who try to trap you in place…

The ones you are called to serve…

The ones with their desperate addiction to the ‘safe and certain’ status quo!

You have a message that will break through it all and it is time you SPOKE IT!

Will you?

Will you stop giving voice to all your excuses and will you step things up?

The world awaits your awakening. It is time you woke up!

The revolution of awakened deliberate millionaires is beginning.

Jump on board!


Fight for, CREATE the life, the success you want!

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