Are you feeling clouded and uncertain of the way forward?

Frustrated that you are stuck and not getting anywhere fast?

Would you like clarity, not just normal clarity but direction and guidance specifically for you?

In any area of life or business?

No cards involved, no palm reading…

No wishy-washy nonsense with a little yoga thrown in to make you feel mellow!!!!


Simply spend time with me over Skype, phone, in person

Talk to me…

Be honest with me…

I listen in…

I ask questions…

I help you get clear on what you want to do next, what you need to do next!

I coach you to do it!

You leave with a clear strategy forward…

You leave clearer about your purpose…

You leave knowing what blocks you so that you avoid itin the future…

You leave refreshed, revived, clear and healed!

It is that simple and it is that powerful!

No Impractical Woowoo Nonsense Over Here – Just solid, specific, transforming direction.


The clear, one-off, focused coaching sessions that cut through the nonsense and provides you with direction, clarity, more impact and more income!

Do you want clarity and a way forward?  Click the button below to purchase your the moment, working with me as an ongoing coaching client starts at $2500 a month so this is a steal for a one-off session and only available for 48 hours. Grab Your session now!

OPTIONAL BONUS:  14 days in the Deliberate Millionaire Fast Track Club So You Can Get Ongoing Support To Implement The Solution You Receive!


Let’s just be clear…

This is not for everyone…

It is for people serious about moving forward…

Serious enough to say ‘Fuck It’ to the normal ways of living life, confused, uncertain and just getting on with it…

AND the normal ways of being so logical and responsible that you stay completely stuck doing work, living life in a way that diminishes you…

I am blunt, very blunt…

I say the things that others will not say to you…

I have access to a depth of insight that will bring clarity to your situation…

And I have a very, VERY practical mind so you will not leave our session with stuff to go figure out, unless you want to keep navelgazing and getting nowhere!

YOU WILL KNOW what needs to happen next!

If you are just hoping for some pointless encouragement and you have no intention of moving forward then I am not the person for you and this is NOT the session for you!

However, if you really are done with being stuck, then this is definitely for you.

What areas can you get help with?

  1. Business Growth

  2. Relationships

  3. Your Spirituality

  4. Stress Management

  5. Finances

  6. Reaching Peak Performance

  7. Raise your energy and motivation levels

  8. Forgiveness

  9. Overcoming Procrastination

  10. Unhelpful Habits

  11. Time Management

  12. Leadership

  13. Sexual issues


Up to 60 minutes at a time.

No minimum time

The object is to get you a result, not to clock watch!

So, if you want more clarity and direction then click the button below to take advantage of these one-off sessions while I still offer

You know you are called to something more…

To be a leader in the realms of government, education, family, media, entertainment, religion, business or healthcare…

You may even have arts, books, music that you want to deliver to the world…

But it is not happening at the moment because you are not clear!

You need direction and you need it now.

No more playing the small game…

No more waiting and hoping that somehow things will improve on their own…

Leader, it is on you to reach out and stop being the superhero for everyone else instead of paying attention to your own stuff!

Click the button above and lets get clear on your next step.