Did You Miss The Boat? Were You Left Behind?

Did I miss the boat

Sometimes, it feels like everyone else jumped on the boat a long time before you did and now, you seem to be playing a constant game of catch -up and you wonder if you will EVER catch up.

And so you go looking for new trends to jump on…

Or some other silly thing that takes you away from today’s work.

I do get it.  I have felt that way too.  In fact the reason I am writing this post is because I was a-wondering the exact same thing just a few seconds ago but I am a little wiser these days.  In the past, I would have gone off consuming other people’s content trying to figure out the magic bullet that I was missing and trying to jump on the next bandwagon before everyone else did but now, I recognise this simple truth and I hope you get it too…


I say this a lot to my clients because this is the simple truth.

All that time you spend going to search for the newest path on the block…

All the time you spend lurking on social media checking out other people’s ideas…

All that time could be better spent doing the work you need to do in your own concern, be it ministry, books, music, products, service.

And what is the work?

To grow your online presence, it is content…

Content in the form of blogs, videos, live streams, adverts, spread in as many places as you can think of.

To grow your offline presence, it is content as well…

Rather than videos, you show up in the flesh. Give talks, write marketing pieces to use to generate interest.

Until this work is done…

No wasting time wondering if you missed the boat.

Create your own path by consistently and VERY persistently doing the work.

Will you?

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