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The Assembly Of Practical Spiritual People Who Have Decided To Fully Experience An Extraordinary Life Of Peace & Plenty



For too long, you have felt like you are just going through the motions of living life…  

You work hard  

You show up for those you love  

You do what you have to do to survive each day  

But it feels like that is all you are doing - SURVIVING.  

And you know, deep within that you are born for more than that.  

You want spiritual ALIVENESS A sense of deep intimate connection with the Divine/Universe in a way that really makes a difference to you.  

You want inner peace So much drama and craziness going on in your head though you hide it well behind a well-formed facade and a life full of distracting activities. There is nowhere to hide from the crazy relationships though. Many lean on you for support but you feel so alone most of the time.  

You want external prosperity and ease You hate having to do things just for money but you have not yet, figured out another way. And the crazy thing is that you still feel so stifled though you are not shy of hard work. and if you are honest, you do hate missing out on so much of life just so you can keep food on the table.  

You desire to travel more There is so much of the world you want to experience and see and be part of. It is no longer enough just to watch it on the screen, you want to be there with your loved ones whenever you want to.  

You desire to support your children/family more in doing whatever they desire to do They deserve so much more - You know they do and yet, you are doing your best and they are not suffering but you just want so much more.  

You want to be a role-model to many people that you feel called to serve You have always felt called to support a certain group of people but with life being the way it has been for so long, there just has not been the time/resources to give them the attention you want to. It is definitely one of those ‘ONE DAY’ dreams when life is easier and less stressful. Why not make that ‘ONE DAY’, today?  

Ultimately, you want to feel AWAKE again.  

There was a time when life was pretty darned exciting.  

You were sure that you were going places.  

You were sure that you would do great things  

And though you have accomplished some things & in fact, those around you would say that you have accomplished many things, you know there is more, so much more for you…  

But it feels like the steam has gone out…  

You have been pushing and pulling and struggling and fighting for so long…  

You have gone through so many betrayals and hurts...  

You have been misunderstood by those you had hoped would have your back.  

And you have felt abandoned by the Divine, if you are honest.  

So yes… the fire within has dimmed.  

But not completely because you are still that person who knows you are here for something more…  

You are still that person with big ideas.  

Some of which you may have placed on the shelf but they are there, ready to pick up and create just as soon as you AWAKEN.  

Well, today, my love, is that day.


This Is Where You Clear The Mental Blocks To Peace & Plenty.

This is Where You Accelerate The Creation Of A Happier & More Fulfilling Life 

HOW? Let Me Explain...

So, let’s go back to the beginning…  


But as you have discovered, it does not always feel like it.  

BECAUSE honey, there are things in the way.  

2 things are required for you to experience all round prosperity  

1. LOVE THE DIVINE - This is where your power lies 2. LOVE YOURSELF - So you get to know what you really want and allow yourself to get it 

It seems simple but you are human.  

You have complicated it.

You have made it tough.

And you have thought that connection to self and to the Divine is irrelevant in everyday life  

Which leaves you trying to make sense of life on your lonesome and getting somewhere, but nowhere near where you want to be.  

You need connection to your Source

Without all the hoop-jumping created by manmade dogma.

Without this connection, you are like an electric car that has not been charged in aeons.  

You get stuck.  

But unlike an electric car, you can keep seeming alive, even though you are the walking-dead

You need to love, trust and accept yourself again  

At the moment, you are making everyone else more important than you.  

You make their agenda more of a priority than yours which means you are subconsciously telling yourself that you are not really all that important.  

You keep forcing yourself to do all kinds of things that you do not really want to do, in the name of ‘being responsible’  

You downplay all the things you really do want to do because you think it is impractical  

You severely talk down to yourself in your own mind - You are forever berating yourself for mistakes made, for not being perfect enough, for not being ‘there’ yet, for not having the courage to do this or that. There is always a reason to insult yourself and most of the time, you DO NOT EVEN KNOW YOU ARE DOING IT!  

It is so normal to think that you are not enough...

So VERY normal, you do not question it and if I asked you how positive you were, you would probably tell me ‘I AM A VERY POSITIVE PERSON!’  

I dare you to listen to yourself for one day and then tell me that you still think you are a positive person.  

Would you even notice how you talk about yourself, to yourself?  

You consider it more important to treat other people with respect while you continually insult yourself.

Oh honey, it is time to WAKE UP!  

You need to get clear on the inside in 2 MAIN AREAS, my love.  

1. You need the clear the obstacles between you and the Divine.  

2. You need to clear the obstacles between you and YOURSELF/YOUR DESIRES.

Without internal clarity in these 2 areas, you will continue to struggle. 

And of course, let us not forget the practical thigns that need to be done too.

And that is where the DELIBERATE MILLIONAIRE comes in...

Remove Mental Blocks & Uncover Your TRUE DESIGN Path To Peace & Plenty



✅ Learn EXACTLY how to empower people & create an online business as a side hustle or a main thing that replaces your current income stream fast.

✅ Expect Miracles as you become someone who easily attracts good things into your life.

Learn mindset hacks that enable you to show up in the marketplace as the ‘go-to’ expert in your industry 

✅ Expect to calm your mind chatter as you discover how to live connected to the Divine ALL THE TIME.

✅ Learn how to build your mailing list full of willing buyers who love everything you do and want to buy from you all the time, on repeat.

✅ Expect to easily and gently reprogram subconscious beliefs that keep you stagnant, stuck and feeling stifled.

✅ Learn how to automate income growth so you are never caught off guard again

✅ Expect to become a clear channel for prosperity so that you start attracting the life you truly desire

✅ Learn how to create multiple streams of income so that you always have more money than you can count or spend.

✅ Expect more empowering relationships to manifest in your life and for unhelpful ones to ease their way out 

✅ Expect to learn how to grow a business that uses your experience, strengths and story EVEN IF you do not have any money to start with.

✅ Expect to be more fulfilled in the work you do or to very quickly be moved to something more satisfying 

✅ Learn How to become a content machine in very little time, allowing yourself to be seen as a leader in your industry very quickly.

✅ Expect to feel healthier and more energetic as you open up more to unconditional love energy straight from the Divine 

✅ Discover How to use Facebook Advertising and always run profitable advertising campaigns

✅Expect to notice more opportunities for wealth creation and general life expansion as your eyes become more open to the good things around you 

✅ Discover How to grow a large social media following so that your posts generate new sales all the time

✅ Expect to destroy the subtle inner victim that most people suffer with, so that you are powerfully designing life and business/career with ease.

Ask for and receive marketing overviews to see where the holes in your sales and marketing strategy are. This is on a first come-first served basis with new slots opening up each week

✅ Expect to be more financially fluid as you dissolve all mental blocks to receiving money in abundance from all kinds of places. 

✅ Discover How to create sales funnels that result in sales every single day - Begin waking up to new money every day.

Learn how to Manage & Eradicate the energy and time vampires in your life so that you can give all your energy to creating your prosperous vision

✅ Expect to feel happier, more at peace within yourself and more joyous as you go about each and every day. 

✅Expect to fall back in love with life. 

✅Expect to feel more awakened, more spiritually conscious and more able to wield your power to create your large, lavish, opulent vision.  

And all you need to do is come to the EVENTS as regularly as you can and listen to the Business, spiritual and personal growth programs.



LIVE CALLS - You can dial in from your phone or you can attend over the internet. This is a worldwide event so it does not matter where you are based, we can talk as long as you have an internet connection. The Calls are held on Saturday, Sunday or Monday at different times to be confirmed at least 7 days before the call via email.

I will tap into the Divine and do a group clearing for everyone in the Assembly. You will be invited to send in your specific requests prior to the live event, via email and I will help you clear the blocks in your situation (anonymously, if desired) during the event AND also each day for the 2 weeks until the next event, on my own.  

You will also be invited to send in your requests on the goals you are actively creating and as there is power in our words, I will speak a powerful affirmative treatment over your request and you will feel yourself being swept forward to success, more easily and speedily than ever before. You will be more open to divine guidance and more ideas will be made known to you. Nothing is impossible when 2 or more agree on anything. You are no longer alone in manifesting the desires of your heart as again, I will continue to give energy to your desires for the 2 weeks in between calls. 

2. The Deliberate Millionaire Library

Immediate access to over 100 sales & marketing programs, personal and spiritual growth programs - The FREEDOM COLLECTION, THE ABUNDANCE LIBRARY Plus Business Hero Bootcamp, Financial Freedom Using Facebook, Build My List Now & SO MUCH MORE! Use these programs to continue the work of leaving behind the limiting stories and pain of the past. RISE VICTORIOUS in your true design life of freedom, fulfilment and financial abundance. This library is a priceless resource that will catapult you to receiving over $5K each and every month in your career or business if you immerse yourself in it.

3. Divine Downloads & Journaling Prompts

Monday To Friday, you will receive a Divine download delivered to your email inbox plus accompanying journalling prompts to support your daily spiritual practice. You will be much more aware of your TRUE DESIGN and you will charge more confidently towards your desires and dreams as you consistently work your practice 

4. The Group

Bonus Group so that we can do life together each day (This is Optional BUT SOOOOO ESSENTIAL for the purposes of immersion in a new way of thinking and expecting- All the above are delivered over email or run over the phone/internet so you do not need to join Facebook, if you do not want to). However, there is something powerful about doing life together in group. I will do some marketing reviews in group as well - Just ask. It is also a safe place for you to let your hair down and create new empowering relationships


You are someone who wants to empower others.

You are someone who wants to stop feeling limited by money.

You want to write, speak, sing, teach, create art/crafts, coach, heal, counsel or even get your ministry off the ground.

You are done with waiting for someone to open the door for you.

You are ready to handle any mental blocks that stifle you and cause you to dilly-dally.

You know you are born for, and capable of, so much more.

You know you are powerful, when you truly commit to anything.

You are here to make a dent on the planet.

You are here to positively impact human lives and make a difference.

AND YOU CHOOSE TO create a heckuva lot of wealth, as well.

However, life has not always been kind to you.

Yes, you have overcome many things but a part of you has felt pushed around and betrayed by the people in your life and the events of your life.

However, you are done with the sad story.

You have always been willing to do what it takes to overcome and now, you are even more FULLY COMMITTED to finding your path to total prosperity in every area of life.

You KNOW it is on you to get over the inner nonsense that sometimes clouds your judgement and though you are more comfortable with working harder and harder to get what you want, you finally see that that is simply not enough.

And you recognise that it is not enough to just fast and pray either.

You are ready to master yourself, to look into the dark places and heal whatever needs to be healed so that you can create the FREE, FULFILLED, FINANCIALLY ABUNDANT AND LOVE-DRENCHED LIFE you want without all the holdbacks.

You are not looking for a saviour.

You already know that you are pretty strong, thank you very much!

You just need a little support to see through the mire within yourself and to get clear on the next practical steps you need to take.

AGAIN, You know you are born for more, so much more.

And you are ready now to go beyond just working harder or praying harder to mastering your inner world too.  

You want to TRULY understand how to use intuition/connection to the Divine because you sense that the wisdom you require is going to come from within.  

You want prosperity in every area of life and you are no longer willing to settle for less.  

You are willing to get rid of anything, anyone that gets in your way because you finally realise that the only way you can really be of service to anyone is when you have mastered your inner world and put clear boundaries in place against energy vampires in your life.  

You are done with wasting your life, trying to be all things that people expect of you.

You are done with putting yourself last!


There is a hunger in your soul to come alive.  

You know there may be a transitional period of time that may be painful but you are ready to go the distance.

You have been floundering around in the darkness for too long, fighting, fighting, FIGHTING and you are fed up with it.


You want more for yourself and your loved ones, you know you are capable of more and you are certainly done with looking for magic bullets.

You are truly ready to do what it takes, until it takes.

This is your moment and you are ready to rise.

There is a hardness, an edge to you brought on by fighting so many battles.

But beneath the anger and frustration and tough exterior, is a softness.

A beautiful softness that seeks expression.

It will take courage for you to let this part out because you have been hurt so many times before.

But you are done with trying to be something you are not.

You are ready to trust that the Divine/Higher power/ higher self/ whatever you call 'Source of all there is’ is definitely backing you up, as you step deliberately into your true design life/business.

You are ready to trust that the ENTIRE Universe will support you in your becoming.

Though trust definitely does not come easy to you.

You are ready to embrace ALL OF YOU - the hard and the soft, the dark and the light, the feminine and the masculine, the action-taker and the playful, child-like side.

You finally see that the softness is not weakness.

It is truly a HUGE PART of your strength.

If this resonates with you, then you are in the right place.


I see a world where the spirit-driven lead.

I see a world where we live free, fulfilled, financially abundant and love-drenched lives doing ONLY what we want to do & our lives teach others to do the same too.  

I see a world where we KNOW our power to create whatever we desire out of life and we wield that power confidently & predictably.

I see a world where we show the power of connection to the Divine as the source that makes EVERYTHING WORK SO MUCH FASTER AND BETTER.

I see a world where we are no longer held back by limiting ideas, where we have emotional mastery, where we are charging forward powerfully just as we are meant to.