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Finally! Here's How To Get ALL The Discovery Sessions You Want & Turn Them Into Paying Clients Now!  

You Want Your First $5k Month? Here's How!


Are you struggling to figure out how to go from having a call to teach, inspire, speak, coach, heal... To actually creating an income and impacting more people from it?  

You know you have something and you know you want a life where you get to wake up and do the work you are born to do but you just cannot figure out how to monetize it and so, you feel kinda stuck in place?  

Or maybe, you are already that person trying to get clients but getting no one on the phone because you just do not know how to? You feel disheartened and fed up with putting yourself out there time and time again and getting no results whatsoever...  

And when you finally do get people on the phone, do you get frustrated that you are just not converting enough of them into paying clients?  

You get into the call, the prospect is making all the right noises and yet, when it comes to actually sign the dotted line, they pull out every reason under the sun and you end the call WITHOUT a client?  


Are you irritated as you try to figure out what to say, how much coaching to give them, how much to do on the phone so that you position yourself as an expert who knows what you are talking about but at the same time, help them see that to get best results, they have to work with you?  

The prospects sound EXACTLY right, you KNOW you can help them, they are saying exactly the right thing during your session and yet, they clam up and come up with that 'I have to think about it' excuse or the 'I have to speak to my partner before I can decide' even though you were absolutely SURE that they were ready!


Tell Me: How Would It Feel To Consistently Convert 2 Out Of Every 5 People You Speak To?

What if you learnt the simple system that worked like clockwork to get prospects signing up to your coaching programs or business opportunity?  

What if you discovered the easy-to-follow sequence of questions that works to build trust and get people signing up to your programs and opportunities?  

That would be pretty nice, wouldn't it?  

Well, I am here to tell you that there is a sequence, there is a method that gets your prospects to trust you, to believe what you say and to want to hear more about your program and then go on to buy it from you at higher prices than you have commanded to date?  

This is the thing, it is what you do normally when trying to help people in your regular life but when you get on a call to 'sell' someone into your program, you lose that natural confidence and you forget what to say or do and so, you end up with a prospect who is not sure they can trust you and so as you know, the confused mind just says 'NO'!  

And because this is happening, you are not closing anywhere near the number of people you could be closing and therefore you are not changing as many lives as you know you want to.  


"YOU can CONSISTENTLY close more Prospects and Attract More Clients!"

And yes, I get it, you are probably thinking - Yeah, yeah, I have heard it all before, I have tried to implement these things and it is just not working for me so what makes your system work any better than the one I am using?  

And I understand why you would think that but this is the thing, if you are not converting 2 in every 5 people that you speak to, I KNOW that you have not been implementing my system because it really is foolproof.  

It is not a cookie-cutter system because you must be able to refine it to suit your personality or else you will come across as fake. More importantly, you will get the step-by-step sequence with questions that you can use at each stage of the sequence and you fit it together to make your own script that becomes second nature to you.  

A sequence that engenders trust and allows your prospects to feel that you absolutely know what you are talking about.  

So, are you ready to learn?


Rosemary Nonny Knight

I am Rosemary Nonny Knight and I have personally mastered the process of closing prospects into my coaching program which is consistently full with a waiting list of people who want to work with me.  

When I started, I churned through call upon call upon call and got nowhere fast - It was painful!  

I would get my hopes up when the booking came in and all the way through the call, I would feel that this prospect was absolutely going to buy from me and then they would drop the annoying words

"I need to think about it" "I have to speak to my partner" "It is too expensive"  

And I got so frustrated!  


And so, I invested a lot of money working with coaches and I learnt a system that started to work!  

Suddenly, I was not wasting prospect upon prospect as I churned through more and more people, instead I started to fill my roster with clients who were willing to pay what I asked and in fact, I got to the point of having a waiting list!  

How would it feel for you to get to that level of conversion?  

To be able to predict that you were going to convert at least 2 of the next 5 people you speak to?  

How cool would that feel?

"And so I have refined all my experience of speaking to hundreds of prospects and distilled it into the system that I use now to convert prospects"

And today, you have access to this...  

In this program, you will learn... 

  • How to get prospects to request a phone call with you online
  • What you need to say at the beginning of a call to ensure you get a definite reply at the end...
  • How to stop offering band-aid solutions in the session that makes clients feel that they no longer need you by the end...
  • Exactly what questions to ask that will get your prospect to open up to you...
  • Exactly what questions to ask that will get your prospects in touch with their pain...
  • Exactly what questions will get your prospect in touch with what they want and start to believe they can get, even while just on the phone with you...
  • How to handle the various most common objections that your prospects may come up with...
  • How to position the pricing details so as not to scare off the prospect
  • How to get someone to put their payment down there and then, rather than waiting for a later, unspecified time
  • How to get people EXCITED about working with you, even before you make your offer!
  • How to transition into asking for the investment without losing rapport with your prospect...
  • How to feel confident about your offer and your ability to deliver it!
  • And much much more!

OK, so are you ready to get started?

If you are an entrepreneur who is ready to start converting 2 out of every 5 prospects into clients or recruits, then work with me in the 'Consults That Sell' Program and let's get your practice full without even leaving your home unless you want to!

Tell Me: How Much Would It Be Worth To You To Get 2 in EVERY 5 Of Your Prospects Converting And Choosing To Work With You?

And you can!  

Join Me For a 120 minute Online Workshop Access it Immediately On Purchase!  

I will demonstrate everything that needs to be done online to get people on the phone with you (Without Leaving Your House unless you want to!), what to say when on the Skype/phone and also how to handle any objections.

So, What Is Your Investment? 

You are probably wondering at this stage exactly how much this online workshop is going to cost...  

After all, you probably have seen other equivalent trainings sold for in excess of $2000  

And I could sell it to you for that because ONE client for you at $500 a month for 6 months, would bring in $3000 and more than cover the cost of the workshop.  

However, I recognise that teachers, speakers, healers come in all different shapes and sizes so I want to make it accessible to all who are serious about getting their message and calling their people in.  

And so, the investment is... 


If you are an entrepreneur who is ready to start converting 2 out of every 5 prospects into clients or recruits, then work with me in the 'Consults That Sell' Program and let's get your practice full without even leaving your home unless you want to!