The One Thing That Can Change The World, Regardless Of How Cheesy It May Seem

ONE Thing that can change the world

This year, I choose to love more…


Self-Love seemed so selfish once…

I used to think that I had to put everyone else ahead of myself.  I did not realise that the only way to really love anyone was to love me.

To really truly love me.

Or else, I was just a blind person trying to lead another blind person.

The call on my life would only be lived out as I loved me…

The service I am here to give to the world will only be played out, as I love me enough to live to my true design…

This year, I choose to love me more, to make me a priority in my own life, to pay attention to what feels good or bad and to design a life that suits ME.


I am one of those who ever lives in the future, unless I bring myself back to the present with gratitude.  Though, I have big dreams and visions of what is to come…

RIGHT NOW is pretty darned awesome too.  I am so grateful for the ‘right now’

For the people in my life, right now – YOU!

For the prosperity in my life, RIGHT NOW

For Papa

For even the things that are not quite where I want them to be, RIGHT NOW – They are a part of my journey and as I release all the tension around them, I allow myself to learn the lesson and move forward without having to keep going through the same stuff repeatedly.

YES, I love ‘what is’ – Everything works out for my good so what is there to fear?


I have hidden this connection, thinking that it would be unacceptable to the marketplace but it kept me stuck in places where I could not just be all that I am.

I choose to go even deeper this year…

I choose to become even more my practical woowoo self as I lean more on Papa for wisdom and guidance for myself and for those who choose to do the deliberate life with me.

I choose to let go even more of any dogma or theology that prevents me going even deeper with Papa…  It is crazy how a lot of my religion kept me far away from the intimacy I craved.  For too long, I choose law over grace and love.  NO MORE!

I let go even more of the nonsense that religion has sometimes brought into my life.  I allow myself to listen even more to Divine guidance/intuition and to trust even more, and act on, the wisdom I receive within.


People sometimes scare me – I have been hurt before, leading me to guard my heart way too closely, at times…

Or I find myself trying to please people, instead of serving them.  This leads to co-dependency which is the path most spiritual people take because they think loving other people means putting other people’s needs first.


You can only love others as much as you love yourself – remember that.

Hey ho, I went a bit off-tangent there.  Personally, I know my true source is the Divine so I no longer indulge in co-dependency.  I am not perfect, of course but I can spot it more easily than I used to.

For me, this year, I choose to love people so much that I stop caring about how I come across…

I choose not to hide behind walls erected to keep me safe but to come on out and show my heart so that I can be of true service to the ones I am called to.

I choose to release those I am not called to – I do not need them to make me feel needed anymore and so I am my boldest self this year as I move more fully into love.

I choose to love my princesses more and to be more patient with them and to teach them to value their own feelings, their own thoughts, their own bodies – ALL OF THEMSELVES…

I choose to love my husband more and to be even more of a support and encourager to him – I am so blessed to have this amazing man in my life.  I am reminded of this time and time again as I see his strength, his loyalty, his deep love for his princesses and for me.  I am so thankful I jumped off the cliff of my own fear when Papa gave me the go-ahead to marry him all those years ago…


Love is so critical…

Imagine with me a world where we all LOVED fiercely…

I see that as a peaceful world…

A world where no one is left to suffer because as we all choose to love, each person lives to their true design and all the needs on the planet are met.

There is no mistake about any one of us here and as we truly love ourselves and the calling/vision we carry, we complete the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle I see as this planet…

And the complete picture is BEAUTIFUL.

I call you to the deliberate design of a life of LOVE

For you and for the people you are here to do life with…

So, your turn – Who/what do you choose to love more this year?

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