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Work with me, one on one, for 6 weeks to Create Your Own Digital Product(s)/Services, Attract Your People, Change Lives While Creating Multiple Streams Of Income As You Share The Message You Feel Called To Deliver.


There is a dream in your heart  

One of impacting and changing the world with what is inside of you  

With the story you have overcome  

With the message you know YOUR PEOPLE should know  

But you have been holding back  

Playing it down  

Telling yourself some silly story about how no one cares about what you have to say  

Telling yourself that your art, your music is amateur and not as good as other people on the marketplace...  

Telling yourself that there are more than enough people on the planet offering what you want to offer  

Telling yourself not to be too full of yourself  

Telling yourself that you just do not know how to do it  

Telling yourself that it is not practical or reasonable or possible for someone like you with all your responsibilities to even think about this  

But the calling is not going away  

The deep desire continues to haunt you  

And you know it will never go away until you go fully all the way in.  


And this, right now, seems like the perfect thing at the perfect time for you.  

You know it.  

You are done with waiting for some perfect time that never seems to arrive  

You are done with waiting to be confident  

Time has ticked along LONG ENOUGH  

You are ready to move your butt  

and get your message out…  

And you realise that you want support  

Support to keep you on the straight and narrow  

Support to keep you on track on the days when it feels like a stupid dream  

Support for the technical knowhow  

Support to bring your vision to life and make it profitable so that you can build a prosperous life around it

You are called to teach, to speak, to write, to create  

To deliver a message of hope  

And to make a good living doing it  



WELCOME to... 


This is a 6 week private mentoring program. As it is One on One, We start the moment you sign up. I will be in touch to book our first bonus phone session to ensure we are a fit to work together and then, we will book in our first session. (All monies are refunded if we are not a fit)

ONE ON ONE SESSIONS We will get on the phone or over video chat every week for 6 weeks, just you and I for up to 90 minute sessions. During that time, we will ensure that your business is being built out so expect help with the technical things during our sessions as we share screens and I show you EXACTLY what to do, expect to be healed of any ideas that hold you back, expect to be able to ask any questions privately.  

UNLIMITED ACCESS You also get unlimited email and messenger access to me in between our sessions so you are never left to figure things out alone.  

TRAINING MODULES AND You also get the following 6 modules of training delivered every week to your email inbox so that you can move forward between our sessions.  

WEEK 1 - THE FULL PICTURE This week, we deep dive straight in. I give you the whole picture of what you can create, what needs to happen to begin changing lives and creating wealth in the marketplace. We talk the internal work and the practical external work that needs to be done. From week 1, you will be able to run towards the delivery of your dream.  

WEEK 2 - YOUR TRIBE This week, we get clear on who your person is. This is an area where people get incredibly stuck but with my assistance, you will very quickly pick a person, a marketplace, a niche and begin to build even more of an audience using Facebook and Instagram. No worries, there will be a crash course in using both platforms so that you are not left hanging. As long as you are willing to get stuck in, then this will be a breeze for you.  

WEEK 3 - THE PRODUCT This is the week where we define the product, we get it broken down so that you are very clear on what needs to happen to bring it all to life, if you have not already done so. We start to get all the technical things set up and it is sooo much easier than you think. By the end of this week, you will know how to come up with a steady stream of product ideas so that you are able to increase your income streams quickly. I am GREAT at this. Using both internal and external strategies, I am never without an idea.  

WEEK 4 - LAUNCH Launch, launch, LAUNCH We will break down a very effective launch sequence to ensure you give your product the best chance of creating lots of income. Learn various techniques to do a great launch and then pick something that works perfectly for your personality.  

WEEK 5 - BECOMING A WEALTHY, LIFE CHANGER Lots of people want to change lives, particularly spiritual people but they find it hard to combine it with creating the money they need to make it their full time thing. This module will change YOUR identity because as you change who you are being, you will change what you are doing and then you will change what you are getting. Using both spiritual and practical techniques, you will begin to see yourself as that beacon of love and light that now chooses to do it from a place of ease and wealth.  

WEEK 6 - AUTOMATE IT ALL Allow yourself to create wealth even while you sleep. Allow yourself to change lives even when you are not physically present. Allow yourself to create multiple streams of income as you set things up to give you the freedom to continually grow and become even more useful to the people you are called to serve. This is the week where you really put in the work to build a foundation that continues to grow and grow and grow.

If You Know You Are Called To Change Lives With A Message And You Are Now Ready To Create A Profitable Business Doing This, Then Work With Me ONE on ONE for the next 6 weeks to make it happen


I am Rosemary Nonny Knight - The Prosperity Minister. Once upon a time, I was a pharmacist working harder and harder to stay afloat and in the end, I did not win that battle - Bankruptcy, depression followed and I felt like a failure.

I knew I had a message. I knew I was called to change lives but it seemed impractical. It seemed impossible to make it happen.

I finally got over all of that after hitting rockbottom and I am now a very prolific digital course creator. Everyday, I am changing lives. Every day, i am hearing from people who are appreciative of my efforts to change their lives.

I sometimes have to pinch myself that I get to live this life!

And I am still on my mission...

To support you who feels called in the same way to get over the nonsense that causes you to doubt yourself

In this program, we will get rid of all your fears and actually get you selling programs to the people who most need to hear from you.

The current pricing will change with each new client so do not delay in grabbing your spot. As mentioned earlier, all monies will be refunded if I discover we are not a fit to work together in the first bonus session.

This private mentoring program is for artists, musicians and people who want to teach a certain message to certain people, or who want to coach others or teach them to overcome things. Ultimately, you have a service or a message to deliver through your products. Of course, you can message me to ask any questions at (click here to message me on Facebook)

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