Can You Trust Yourself?

Something inside of you longs to be birthed…

But you keep doubting its truth

You keep thinking you are not a good enough vessel to bring it to life

You keep wondering if it has been done before in that way

And if yes, then you tell yourself that no one needs your version then

And if no, then you wonder if you are deluded for thinking anyone needs to hear your version of how things work

And it all comes down to you lacking trust in yourself

Lacking trust in your message

Lacking trust in your calling

And that lack of trust then leads to you feeling unfulfilled

As you are not allowing yourself to fully go all in on what you have to say

Honey, repent.

Repent and respond to the calling in your heart

Can you not see yet that you will never be happy living the wrong life for you?

Can you not see yet that abundance will only be created when you learn to trust yourself and live to the fullness of your true design?

This is a deliberate thing, honey.

You are not the only one to feel that way

And yet those you now admire and think are in some way superior to you, simply decided to trust themselves and get their message out into the world…

They stopped buying into their fears

And started instead to trust the intuitive nudges within

And not just trust…


And you, my love, can do the very same thing…




And in the process, you will discover that there was never anything to fear anyway

Whether you are loved by the masses or not, you will learn to trust that you are safe, loved and fully supported by the Divine and so, in some ways, who cares what the world thinks of you?

So, tell me, honey, what is most important to you?

To be loved by the masses

or to be true to you?


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Much Amazing Love

Rosemary Nonny Knight
The Prosperity MInister

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