I See Behind The Veil!

I see behind the veil…

And there is nothing there to be afraid of

The boogeyman of fear is not real

It is all an illusion designed to keep you hidden

I see behind the veil 

And there is love there

And peace

And happiness

Why would you not come here?

I see behind the veil

And there is freedom here

Freedom to create anything you desire

Freedom to take a blank canvas and make it look the way you want it to

The freedom to drop relationships that do not feel good anymore

The freedom to find new ones that do

The freedom to boldly declare yourself

And to know that you are accepted here

There is nothing to hide here behind the veil

All the pretence fades away here

All the internal unrest disappears here behind the veil

You know all things

You see all things

The anxiety lifts here

You realise that you are not and have never been alone here

You realise that no one can hurt you, not really

You realise that you are all love and anything that is not love, is not you

It is just the illusion of fear

And you no longer need to pay attention to it

I see behind the veil…

And it contains every single thing you desire

Waiting on you to claim it

Waiting on you to see that it has been yours since the moment you decided you desired it

Waiting on you to stop buying into the rules and the dogma and the oppressive conditions designed to keep you bound up

It seems like an insurmountable mountain from your vantage point

But really, the veil is flimsy

It is weak

Almost so weak that a big breath would blow it away

But it does not look like that to you

And so you cower before the veil

Looking around you in fear and anxiety

Wondering when this pain and suffering will go away

Wondering how much you will be asked to sacrifice before you can be happy

And all of the universe waits with baited breath…

Will you see?

Will you finally realise that nothing holds the veil up, except your fear?

Will you finally realise that you can end it all in a second?

YOU can step into bliss, love, joy, happiness

You can step into a life where you easily create all you desire

YOU can step into a life where you revel in your creative ability

Will you wake up and pull down the veil?

Surely it is time.

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Much Amazing Love

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