You have to Begin To ‘BE’ That Person Who Wins, Even When It Does Not Feel Like It!

Be The Person

Did you know that the way you see yourself has such a huge impact on the results you allow yourself to create?

If you think you will always struggle, then you will always struggle.  In fact, you will feel weirdly out of sync, if things come too easily to you and so you will return to struggle because that is who you are.

Let me try to explain…

Over recent months and weeks, I have had a bit of a blip in my health and weight.

I have worked so hard over the last few years growing businesses and as a result, I had lost weight without really thinking about it.  I weighed less than I did before I had my girls.  I had ‘become’ someone who was slim and trim but not necessarily healthy because it really was not through any deliberate focus on my health.  I had lost the weight because I had simply been working so hard that I forgot to eat.

Anyway, as a result of this new found trim-ness – people complimented me frequently but I could not reconcile it inside of me because I know that I had not deliberately created it and so I was still not quite a healthy person because I did not see myself as a healthy person.

As a result of this mini-craziness going on in my head, I started to sabotage my own weight loss.  I carried on not paying it attention and started to eat a lot more junk food in vast quantities and being considerably more sedentary.

Then, one day, when I stood on some scales, I realised I had put a lot of weight back on.

And suddenly, my inner reality became a physical reality – I really was an unhealthy, fat person and now, I had the numbers to prove it.  And I started to identify myself even more so like this in my head so needless to say, it got worse and worse.

You always become whoever you think you are.

So, if you think you are someone who is poor and always struggles to create wealth, you remain someone who struggles to create wealth.  And it is hard to break free of that thinking but you must, in order to start experiencing a new reality.  You will always, ALWAYS create the reality you see in your head…

Anyway, to carry on with my ongoing saga…

I knew I needed to reset the way I was seeing myself.

I knew that I could not create a different, more healthy reality while I kept thinking of myself as a ‘fat, unhealthy’ person…

And so, I tried to become someone who went to the gym but I hated it…

I tried exercise DVDs and I could not be consistent with it.

So, I finally decided to do something a little different just to get the internal reset happening…

I decided to make it easy for ME to do it – Every so often, I would jump up and run 200 steps up and down the room.

And I committed to hitting 5000 steps a day – A lot easier for me than the recommended 10k steps.

And because it is so easy, I do it.

And most importantly, I am becoming someone who hits her exercise and weight targets in my head…

And so, I find myself adding on a few jumping jacks, lunges, squats and crunches etc to the mix because I am THAT person…

That person who loves to get her heart rate up, that person who burns fat slowly, steadily…

I am THAT person.

Anyway, maybe it is early days to use this as a example to you but the message I really want you to understand is that you have to figure out a way to ‘BE’ the person you want to be, in business and in life, even before it is a reality.

What little win can you give yourself consistently that enables you to see yourself as someone who wins in this area of your life?  Think about it.

We all keep going for the giant leaps and so, never quite get out of the gate.

How can you start small today to reset your brain?

And then because you have become THAT person who makes things happen in this area of your life, you start to add on more of the actions that make you THAT person and next thing you know, you really ARE that person.

I know it seems simplistic to think that you have to BECOME someone who thinks you are successful in a certain area and then it will work but it really is that simple.  WE make it complicated and sabotage our own success.

Start with a small win, accompanied by a few affirmations about who you now choose to be…

Then naturally allow the next win to happen…

And then the next win…

And one day, you realise you are a person that wins in this area and it gets easier and easier to win bigger and bigger…

But you gotta reset what is going on in that head of yours.

You have to ‘BE’ the person first and then it becomes your reality.

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