The Past Is The Past – Be Present In Every New Moment If You Desire Abundance

Who the heck cares what went on before?

Who the heck cares who has done what you want them to have done?

This moment, this one, RIGHT HERE is the only thing that matters…

What do you choose to create in this moment?

that is the only thing that matters.

And when you truly see that, deep down inside SEE THAT then you will know that you are master of your destiny.

It matters not a jot what you did or did not do in the past…

All that matters is what you choose to create now.

Go on, write it down…

All your goals, dreams, desires…

Write them all down.

Write down your hopes, your calling, your purpose…

Write it all down…

And then forget the past, forget the future…

And ask the question “What can I do now to bring this to life?”

And let answers bubble up within you…

Let new ideas bubble up and then do not filter them based on what you did before…


Let a sense of possibility wash all over you!

Who could you be in this moment?

What could you do right now?

Yes, your brain is going to be trying to send you thoughts of how you have never done that and how you are too afraid to do it and how that friend of yours got grand ideas of all the things they wanted and then fell flat on their face…

Or it may tell you of your previous mistakes when you acted too quickly…

Or maybe it is just a fearful feeling in your breast as you feel a helpless victim of circumstances and unable to control anything…

But come on, honey, that fear has been ruling the roost for so long now and are you satisfied with the results of letting it take control?

What if you chose to be fearless in this moment?

What if you chose to be very present to your power in this moment?

What if you chose to forget all that has gone before and just acted based on what you want to create, in this moment?

What if you became the leader you want to be, in this moment?

What if you realised that the past is now simply a figment of your imagination and you can create anything at all, in this moment?

What then?

What could you do, right now?!

Man, I am excited for you when I consider the possibilities open to you as you suddenly take the limits off and become your most powerful self.

No longer afraid of things going wrong…

Just trusting that any vision you have inside of you is yours to create, if you choose…


Don’t you?

You choose to experience the big, amazing life…


So come on now, leave the past in the past and choose right now to live to your biggest, most free and most powerful self in this moment.

You are incredible when you let go and allow yourself to fly!



You are born for and capable of so much more than you can even imagine…

Take the leap!

You are co-creator with Spirit, honey…

There are no limits to what you can bring to life…

So stop giving into thinking that you are limited by what you have created to date because it is simply not true.

You are unlimited

Get the picture of what you choose to create and in each moment, simply create, create, create…

Take the next creative action – That is all.

Do not worry about everything after that so much, just take the next creative action.

No more of those weak reactive actions, where you are constantly reacting to what has gone before.  Is it any wonder that you keep creating more and more of the same when you keep looking back and reacting?

See the vision and take the next action that creates it.

That is all.

Get super clear on the vision – Face into the fear of its hugeness and decide that you are, right now, creating it.

And then just one simple action to get you there.

And then pat yourself on the back for taking a step…

Then take the next step

then go a little faster

And watch as your life changes

Fight for, deliberately design the life you are born to live

Because you want to!

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