Knuckles tightly held on the steering wheel of your life…

Knuckles white with the tension…

“I must, I must, I MUST make it happen!”

This sense that if you do not get it done, then life as you know it, will end and you will die and the world will laugh at you…

And so you hold on tight, even when you no longer want it…

Wondering when your breakthrough will come

Wondering why it is always so hard for you

Wondering when you will catch a break

Honey, be kind to yourself.

Your eyes are laser focused on the seed you have planted…

You pull it up every so often to check that it is doing something…

Yes, you trust the Divine…

Or so you say…

And yet, you cannot let the seed of your dream go

It petrifies you to leave it alone

It is all on you, don’t you know?!

And so you stand there, staring with focus at the seed

And nothing happens

When will your breakthrough come?

Why the heck does it always have to be so hard for you?

As much as you are trying to trust this Universe, it seems to be set up against you

Nothing ever works

Honey, be kind to yourself

You put the beans in the pot

And stick in the water

You place the pot on the stove and turn on the flame…

You stand and you wait

And you stare and you wait

Impatience begins to rise

You give the food a stir and taste it

It is still tough to chew

So you stand and you stare at it

Willing it to move NOW!!!

Willing it to be done NOW!

And finally, the impatience wins

You want it now

You take it off

You try to eat

It tastes yuk but you tell yourself you can manage it

You can settle for it

You HAVE TO settle for it

And at the back of your mind, the wondering continues – Why can I never get what I desire?

Why is it so hard for me?

Why does it feel like no matter how hard I try, nothing works as I expect it too…

Honey, be kind to yourself





Life can be easy

Life can be fun

Prosperity is your divine right




When you are ready to experience a simpler path to all you desire, come join me in the OPULENCE CIRCLE

Much Amazing Love

Rosemary Nonny Knight
the Prosperity Minister

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