The No-Holds-Barred Personalised Coaching Programs For The Spirit-Driven Leader, Creative, Entrepreneur: Work With Me To Master The Art Of Deliberately Designing A Life & Online Business of Freedom, Fulfilment & Financial Abundance 


Have you created a life that looks good from the outside looking in, but feels unfulfilling and stagnant on the inside?  

Do you know that there are parts of your life that feel broken and hidden, even though no one knows it?

Do you know that you have a message to share, a difference to make - It feels ‘way out there’ but you are ready now to figure out how to do it prosperously with your own business?

Are you struggling with self doubt and a lack of clarity around what to do next?

Do the heavens feel silent when you pray and ask for guidance?  

Have you been working harder and harder in your career/business, scared to lose what you have, only to find yourself earning the same or less, doing more of what you KNOW you do not want to do and ignoring the whisper within that says ‘THERE MUST BE MORE!’?

Are you willing to do what it takes to transition into a free, fulfilled and financially abundant life lived according to YOUR TRUE DESIGN?

If you answered ‘yes’ to a few of these questions AND you are ready to take action then honey, working more personally with me in either the mastermind group program or one on one, is for you. AWAKEN will help you master the art of deliberately designing a life and online business of freedom, fulfilment and financial abundance. You and I will get clear of the clutter of your past, tap back into your own inner wisdom and take the physical action to create or uplevel a highly profitable online business that supports your true design.  

This goes deeper than me just telling you what to do as that is nowhere near as effective as you, learning how to communicate with your intuition and discover the truth of who you are, for yourself. I am simply your guide creating the space for you to do this.  


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You are known as a strong person and you see yourself as a strong person, a leader, solid, dependable, rooted in common sense…  

And you have created a good life  

A life most would be proud of  


It is not the right life for you…  

Something has felt off for a long time  

Something has felt wrong…  

You keep telling yourself to be grateful and just settle down into this life that you have sweat blood and tears to create…  

But it just does not feel right…  


That 'something more' does not feel practical

It feels huge  

So huge that you are denying it

But it is going nowhere - It is a vision, a calling you have felt for a long time

You have a calling to impact and influence many with a message you carry deep within you…  

The calling that you now try to demean as the prideful dreams of a young person who has not yet experienced the toughness of life...  

Yes, you try to deny that calling but it continues to whisper to you that you are born for something more…  

And you also thought you could not do it...  

You allowed yourself to think that sensible people like you, only did such frivolous things in the evenings and in the weekends  

You did not feel you could build a whole life around your calling  

And so, you do the volunteering thing at your church, at your community centre but that is all it can be…for now... (Or so you keep telling yourself)

"Maybe later", you tell yourself…  

  • When the kids are grown  
  • Or the parents pass on…  
  • Or the church does not need you so much…  
  • Or when you have more time…  
  • Or more money…  
  • Or after you have more life experience and you have established yourself more…  
  • Or when you are less tired

THEN you will get to create the life you really want… Not now!  

It is impossible for people like you to create an income doing what you love, right now…  

And frankly the thing you want to do is too out there…  

The deep desire that keeps whispering at you, is too big, too frivolous and silly to expect it to take care of your responsibilities...  

You have too much riding on you staying the same, doing the same thing, being the same person…  

And you FOUGHT HARD to get to this version of a 'successful' life…  

How can you upset the applecart now?  

You have too many responsibilities  

Too many people need you to stay constant  

They would be upset if you tried to change things too much...  

And you love the people around you  

Even though it feels stifling and there is sometimes resentment because you are giving and giving and giving  

Frustration because it is not getting you where you want to go - It all seems to be holding you back  

But because you feel that it is a good thing to serve people (which it is), you keep giving, giving, giving but you seem to forget that...

You are not called to serve EVERYONE  

You feel called to more, much much MORE that just the people in your current experience of life…  

And yet, it feels proud, selfish, wrong to think like this…  

You keep trying to tell yourself to stop thinking these thoughts…  

You keep trying to settle down  

To be content with your lot in life...

But something is missing  

It can be very confusing in your head a lot of the time...  

And now, you are beginning to feel dead inside…  

As you try very hard to stay in place, to keep putting on the facade that you are fine…  

That this life is fine...  


Your relationship with the Divine is taking a hit because you feel wrong for thinking this way… 

You have overcome a lot to be where you are and so you feel guilty and shameful for not being happy and for being ungrateful and so you distance yourself from the Divine…  

This is not even a conscious thing…  

Because you do not fully realise that you feel angry at the Divine for bringing you here…  

And you feel it is disrespectful to feel that anger and so, you button it up but grow ever more distant from your power source...  

But be honest, you do feel victimised that you have to lay down your own dreams to support the people in your life, to be the responsible upstanding citizen you feel you must be…  

Why the heck were you given these dreams and this calling, if you were never going to be allowed to live it out?  

And you feel abandoned now because this discontent, this dissatisfaction is growing and growing and growing…  

It is feeling harder and harder to keep pretending that all is well…  

But you keep going…  

You just keep going…  


Listen, I see you…  

You are that person who works hard, so very hard…  

You are willing to push and push and push and PUSH to get what you want

But you are not allowing yourself to want what you truly want  

You think what you really want, is stupid  

You think it is a weakness…  

You know the theory of creating your own life and you have done it…  

You are even very proud of what you have created…  

But you KNOW you have created the wrong life for you  

There is no fulfilment  

There is no freedom  

There is no abundance  

There is just enough, just average, just ‘OK'  

When you know you are born and created for more than enough, for magnificence, for total prosperity...  

You are drawn to the spiritual side of life  

You always have been  

But it seems crazy to think that you can somehow build a life, impact people whilst fully owning your spiritual side in the world…  

You see some spiritual people out there and you are scared to be associated with their wishy washy ways…  

And yet, there is a whisper within you that will not be silenced, reminding you not to limit yourself and instead...


You are scared, I get it  

But the call is not going to go away, my love!  


Yes, you can have impact and income doing what you love  

And yes, you are being called to the leading edge, the cutting edge of a new way of doing business, career, life…  

One that combines both the spiritual and the practical, unapologetically…  


But you must WAKE UP and say yes to your real life  

And be willing to go ALL THE WAY IN!  

Are you willing?  

I find myself asking this question a lot at the moment because I know this path is not easy…  

Many want it until they have to face the darkness and the resistance and then they run back to the ‘safe’ broad path…  

Is that all you are to be?  




When you KNOW you are born to be wild, to be on the edge, to be pushing the boundaries...  

Because I can tell you this...  

Living life truly on your own terms, DEMANDS EVERYTHING from you...  

I have been through hell in order to fully own who I am…

And I keep expanding 

And so it is with deep knowledge as to the fears you are facing that I ask you if you are willing…  

But if you will choose to go through the darkness (and remember you will not be alone in it) then this is what you can expect…

🔴 Fulfilment, freedom, abundance, love - This is the Deliberate Life Path and it always leads here. You will define what these mean to you and we will work to make them true for you.

🔴 You will no longer be a slave to money, doing most of what you do because it pays the bills even though it is killing your soul. No, you will discover how to create money doing what you love and feel called to do. I fully expect you to get your online business off the ground, making sales by the end of the 90 days or to have doubled your income if you are already in a purpose-driven business you love. We will hit the ground running in AWAKEN!

🔴 Happiness and wealth for you and for your family - This is not and will never be about settling in any area of life. Flexibility for you and yours - What would it be like to live anywhere, doing ONLY what you feel called to do?

🔴 You will know your exact next steps to create the highly profitable & purposeful online business, loving relationships, vibrant health, limitless wealth you desire. None of these areas are taboo to talk about and handle as everything affects everything. We, deliberate people, do not live compartmentalised lives.

🔴You will feel an intimate connection to Source and easily get answers to every single question you ask - This is literally your power source and it is in connection with Source that you truly find yourself and discover how to make life be easy. You will have access to limitless wisdom.

🔴 Your confidence will soar as you realise what is possible for you as you own your true power. Yes, you are powerful already but this is next level power as you recognise your divinity.

🔴 Get off the emotional rollercoaster and begin to feel peace, calm and ease in every area of your life. When you fully realise that everything is ALWAYS working out for your good, what do you have to be concerned about?

Rosemary has been a God send! For some time I had been attempting to set up a business and had so many things going on in my life. My husband worked abroad and I was at home with 3 young children. I had to take some time off work to be able to look after them. It was not possible to return on a full time basis due to the demands of the job therefore I decided to work from home. However, there were so many distractions. Pretty soon I felt overwhelmed by what I was trying to do and with life as a whole. I knew that I needed help and found Rosemary.  

The great thing about Rosemary is that she tells you how it really is. She gives you that jolt of reality to kick you into action. She made me see that I needed to set definite goals to achieve what I wanted and that there was no more room for looking back at the past and making excuses. I used to worry about really silly things and realized that I needed to move on if I wanted to do something worthwhile and meaningful with my life. Rosemary left me feeling empowered and more confident to face things head on.  

If you want to lead a fulfilled life and successful business, I strongly recommend that you speak with Rosemary.”  

Melanie, Mel’s Little Luxuries

It may not feel awesome at the start because…  

You have a lot of conditioning to overcome  

A lot of belief clearing and healing to do…  

Healing you have hidden from, because it felt too scary to face the darkness within  

And so you cloaked yourself in being the leader, the responsible, sensible person who has it all together  

And you wear that mask well…  

Except I see you…  

And I see how it limits you…  

Because I was you…  

And this is what I know about you...  


This show of strength you are putting on, is the tip of the iceberg…  

THERE IS SO MUCH MORE TO YOU than you fully comprehend  

And when you fully partner with the Divine…  

Not in a subservient way - That is what you despise in ‘those’ spiritual people…  

But as co-creator of your free, fulfilled and financially abundant life…  

When you truly fully do that…  

The person you will uncover, will blow you away!  

I call you to AWAKEN!  

You are called to impact lots of people…  

And the call will not be silenced  

And the urgency grows and grows within you…  


No, you will not know the end from the beginning…  

Yes, you will need to trust and have faith that your vision is your permission  

Yes, you will need to trust that you are capable of your calling and there is no mistake about you being here on this planet for such a time as this.



🔴 You know you are called to make a difference in a bigger, bolder way and you are now ready to figure out your life's purpose and begin bringing it to life, using the online space

🔴 You can already be an entrepreneur/business owner or not - As long as you are ready to move now, not just think and talk about it

🔴 An entrepreneur or creative that seems to be unable break through to the next income level, regardless of how hard they work 

🔴 Someone who has overcome some hard stuff in their life so you know you are capable of staying the course

🔴 You believe you are capable of more. You KNOW that when you focus on bringing something to life, you tend to see it happen. You may have started to lose some self-belief but overall, you are that person who makes things happen


  • FIRST, we speak for an extended 60-90 minute session where we map out EXACTLY what you want to accomplish in our work together.
  • Then we speak each day, Monday To Friday for about 10 minutes or more, depending on what we need to do each time. Accountability, Transformation, Clearing, Strategy - All handled in these daily sessions - You will KNOW EXACTLY what needs to be done each day to keep moving forward. I will look under the hood of your life and business and together, we will transition you to a place of true fulfilment, freedom, unconditional love and financial abundance!
  • You have unlimited access to me during the 90 days together.
  • Some technical assistance will be provided to get your campaigns up and running fast or you will be pointed in the right direction to get things done quick.

What do we do in the AWAKEN session?

Each session will have a combination of the following 4 things, dependent on what is needed for you.

1. CONNECT TO SOURCE POWER This is where it all begins. This is how you get clear guidance. This is how you step fully into your power. 

Who better than your Source to inform you on what you are here to do, to be, to have?  

This is also how you raise your vibration, your frequency, what you are available for. You cannot solve anything at the same level of thinking that created the problems in the first place so as we connect firstly to vast wisdom, you begin to see new options and feel empowered to work with them.  

This will include healing any disempowering stories you have about what Source will require of you, particularly religious ones. What if you truly believed that the Divine withholds nothing from you? That is sometimes a difficult idea for people to completely agree with because we have all been told that it is in our best interest to not be given what we want. There is a false subservience, victimhood around what we are allowed to create and receive. Our work together will challenge that story, that belief until you begin to fully awaken to the idea that the only obstacle in your path is you and what you will allow yourself to have.  

2. DEFINE YOUR LIFE’S PURPOSE There will never be a way to create a truly prosperous life while living the wrong life for you. We will get crystal clear clarity on what you are here to do, to be, to have. We will give you permission to claim it all. No longer will you allow yourself to settle for less or to filter what you want based on what you think you can have or what the world tells you is reasonable. We will say YES to everything you desire because the only thing that stops you from claiming your real, fulfilling life is your thought that you cannot have it.

* We will look at the work you want to do * We will look at the relationships you want to have * We will look at the health you want for your body  

This is about a total overhaul of anything that feels out of alignment with the YOU that you deeply desire to be. I completely believe that as we define clearly what you want, 

NOTHING can stop you from getting it, except the belief that it is impossible. We can change that, if you are willing.  

3. HANDLE YOUR STORIES We all have stories. Some of those stories allow us to go after what we want - they empower us. Some of those stories disempower us. The ideal state would be to live a life with no stories but most humans are not quite there yet and we do not have to be until we are ready. To begin with, we can choose to buy into stories that allow us to go STRONGLY after the life we desire. So, there will be a lot of story shifting, story retelling - A LOT! Your stories are the only reason you are not living the life you desire. Your stories can seem so solid, so set in stone but they are simply conditioned responses and thoughts. Now you get deliberate about choosing what you want to be conditioned into accepting as reality.  

Ultimately, I am an expert at seeing the stories that hold you back and I will point them out and give you lots of strategies to handle them. This will seem like the hardest part of the process of AWAKEN because your stories are many and as I said, they seem SOOOO real. However, once you begin to do this, it will get easier and easier to spot and change the stories, Expect to feel sooo much freer as a result of no longer being controlled by stories of the past.  

4. ALIGNED ACTION The inner work is great but there needs to be practical action as well. This is not something you are scared of. You KNOW hard work, however, we are changing the paradigm here. This is not about just working and working and working, pushing and pushing and pushing. You tried that and you got so far but no further. Yes, there is work to be done particularly if you want to change your body, change your career or business, get a new relationship or shift an old one - However, we come at it from a different place. A place of connection to Source where we have access to unlimited wisdom. We do not use our minds to think and overthink and second guess any more, we look for intuitive guidance and then use our mind to bring that guidance to life. If your brain knew how to live awakened, deliberate life of prosperity, freedom, fulfilment, you would already be there. It does not have the answers. So we look in the right place for answers, we find them and we act.  

Yes, there are foundational things to learn and as you have access to all the programs I have created in our time of working together, you will get the foundational actions but then each time we have a session, you will learn even more deeply how to use these foundations to make sure you are not allowing them to take the place of your own deep wisdom.  

This is not about creating a 1-2-3, ‘one size fits all’ approach to creating an amazing life. You tried that already and found that it does not work if you truly want to live abundantly on your terms. You learn to trust yourself again. Yes, you hold yourself to a high standard so this is not about ‘waiting for inspiration’ because Divine guidance is always IMMEDIATELY available. This is about living in a different paradigm and experiencing uncommon success as a result.  

As this is one on one coaching, we will work to your agenda. We will establish some habits at the start of our work together - You may already have some of these daily musts in place but I will ascertain that at the start of our work together and because you have ongoing access to me via WhatsApp or whatever form of communication works for us, this is a blanket of support that moulds itself into whatever you need to ensure we meet some clearly defined 90 day goals.  

Ultimately, our goal will be to define your life’s purpose and to begin the process of manifestation of that before we are done. However, each person will have specific desires and we will get clear on exactly what we want to make happen and get to work doing exactly that in our time together

  • Unlimited access to me in between sessions on Private messenger/Whatsapp /email  
  • Deep training on how to connect with your intuitive power yourself - This is so essential to ensure you are on the fasttrack lane to purposeful success  
  • Access to all my programs while working with me (
  • You also get the following programs 


This is a 6 Module Program Which You will go through as quickly as you can to get all the elements of your business understood and set up. 



Time to gain crystal clear clarity. Who are you really? What are you here to do? What do you want business to look like? What do you want your life to look like? Because it is all up for grabs, you know. And then we gotta figure out who you want to serve, where they are and we start the attracting their attention this week, right at the start.  


You will learn various ways to package up what you have inside of you and make it palatable to your person. You will begin creating the whole thing this week and growing a community of people interested in what you are putting together.  


Now for the technical bit. I gotta say I like to keep things simple and I will show you everything I do and how I do it all. You are firstly and only a messenger, and getting the message out, is the important thing to do.  


OK, so people need to know what they are getting and I will show you how to put an information/sales page together. What needs to go in it and where to put it. What to use to create images. How to link it so you do get paid and your people also get served automatically. This is the week where you complete this.  


So, it is all set up in the back office, how do you actually sell the thing? We are going deep in with this one.  


The truth is, I never create a product completely before I have sold it. So, now that you have all the other things in place, let us spend time this week creating the program. I will show you where to put the course when created so that your person can access it easily.  


You do not always need to do this. I hardly ever do this. However, it helps to know HOW TO do it, if you decide to speak directly to people.  


And now, let us get the self-doubt, the fear, the internal holdbacks managed. You can no longer afford to play small


Though it says weeks, you can go through this in 6 days if you wish. This is your program adn we will adjust it to suit you.



In this module…

✅ You will switch on the prosperity flow with a few simple steps, as we prepare the subconscious mind for prosperity. Expect miracles from this first week.  

✅ Tap into the most powerful force on earth and ignite your prosperity flow. This just makes it sooo simple, swift and easy when you come from this foundation.  

✅ Learn simple techniques to cultivate the most important attitude for rapid manifestation

✅ Discover different ways to use visualisation to bring about the desires of your heart.

✅ Understand how deliberate magic really works so that you do not have to take it all on faith alone. NO more blindly going along with anything. You will now see why it works and how it works. 

✅ Discover how to hear clear inner guidance so that you always have access to the next step for you. No more doing things because you have always done them or because someone told you it might work, only to discover that it does not work FOR YOU. Instead you learn exactly how to tap into infinite wisdom yourself and get individualised steps for you to summon in the prosperity you desire in every area of your life.  

✅ There will be a deep sense of peace within you as you finally realise who you are. You are coming home to your true self and it will feel good, so good. You will know how to maintain that feeling and live from it so that you are staying in alignment with your true design. You will know now that you could never have experienced true lasting prosperity when you were on the wrong path for you.  


✅ Learn how to increase the flow of prosperity towards you, in all areas of life, rather than experiencing ups and downs/ the negative OUTFLOW of prosperity.  

✅ Learn how to identify prosperity blockers and discover simple techniques to handle them so they stop affecting you  

✅ Learn a simple 60 second strategy to power up the speed with which you manifest your desires  

✅ Discover how certain religious, cultural, mass mind beliefs keep you from ever prospering no matter how hard you beg and plead with the heavens. It just will never work until you realise these blockers and eliminate them  

✅ Discover how the past affects your ability to manifest your desires and simple techniques to finally release it all and allow in increased prosperity.  

✅ Understand why money is one of the easiest things to attract when you get rid of certain ideas that do not support its attraction. Learn how to get rid of those ideas and also learn the traps most people fall into when seeking to increase their financial abundance. Learn how to avoid those and become a magnet for money.  


✅ Using your current life dramas, learn how to get super clear on what you desire.  

✅ Learn how to create decrees that energise your specific desires  

✅ Learn how to use your decrees/affirmation to change your life  

✅ Understand the laws of abundance that are at work, allowing you to create the life you desire  

✅ Again, learn how to use specific fun strategies to fire up your vision and see it come to life faster than ever before  

✅ Cultivate an inner knowing that you are THAT powerful and you can create the life you want  

✅ Understand why life has felt so up and down and how to stop allowing this to happen  


✅ And now to take it out into the physical world, you will discover what you need to do to accelerate the appearance of prosperity in your relationships, health, work and money. You will realise that you NEVER have to do anything that will drain you or make you feel forced. The Deliberate Magic Method (or the process of manifestation) is supposed to be easy and simple and fun, not something you have to force yourself to do!  

✅ Get specific instructions on what to do when going through a really hard time in life so as to break through to your next level fast. How you act in times of difficulty determines whether you remain in difficulty or get propelled to your next level, you need to know how to stop recreating the same nonsensical situations. You can break free! This module will teach you how.  

✅No point getting a break through and then just falling back into your old life! So, in this module, you will understand completely EXACTLY what to do to maintain your breakthrough  

✅ We will look at relationships, health, money and work and you will discover the different actions that can be taken to bring about the vision you have for each area.  

✅ Understand that this is not some ‘hit or miss’ thing when you are following practical faith-building steps. Manifestation is guaranteed because it is a universal law. You can ask for anything and expect to see the fulfilment as long as you believe and this bootcamp will teach you EXACTLY HOW TO believe so it is not some vague thing but something you actively practise and grow.




You will discover…  

  • How To Tap Into Intuition
  • How To Change Lives & LIVE YOUR LIFE more creatively
  • How to be CERTAIN you are on the right path
  • How To Set daily goals intuitively so you get results
  • How To Clear your mind ready for the day regardless of how busy and manic it gets
  • How To Tap into incredible wisdom that you would never have accessed on your own..
  • How to trust your intuition
  • The true path to mindfulness
  • How to really KNOW and own who you are created to be
  • How to walk intuitively so that every moment of every day feels abundant
  • How To Let go of worry and fear because you will know that you are taken care of
  • BONUS: Get your journaling checked over to be sure you are not going off to some random spiritual cray-cray place!  


We look at these areas…  

  • Waiting for permission from your guru or from God himself
  • The thinking that God is out to get you if you even think about getting rich
  • The begging and pleading that you call prayer
  • The uncertainty that you are loved by God
  • Are you allowed to make lots of money?
  • Is abundance really your birthright?
  • Would it be selfish to get everything I want?
  • Honouring your parents – What does that really mean?
  • Forgiveness and how it can double/triple biz/ministry growth
  • Learn that the truth really does stand up to scrutiny
  • Handle FEAR! The biggest obstacle.  

MODULE 3 – BEING THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD – IMPACTING MILLIONS, MAKING MILLIONS In this workshop, you will discover a Strategy to Win With!  

I will teach you the simple 3 C Strategy for wealth  

I will hash out personalised strategies for 5 peeps live on the workshop (Be one of the first 5 to join and you will get this bonus!)  

You will learn how to call in your people and gather a buying audience so that you are able to fulfil the BIG call on your life…  

Set things up so you make money from Day 1  

You no longer have to settle for what you think you can have – Instead tap into everything and have a strategy to go after it all  

Realise that it has always been up to you – Have a little or have a lot – Completely up to you.