Am I full of ****? Or is this about results and transformation?

Results and transformation

Today, I received an email from a disgruntled un-subscriber and it was short, sweet and to the point…

“You are just after people’s money nothing more. U guys are full of shit…..”

And all I could do was laugh my head off (quietly, I do have sleeping children in the house!)

I responded with

“You make me smile.  I wonder how that kind of thinking is working out for you.

I hope you find what you are looking for elsewhere.

Have a lovely day.”

I have to admit it came at a timely moment as I was thinking about what to talk about today and had been contemplating the concept of information/transformation from the book I am currently reading by a guy called Steve Chandler.

Anyway, I receive these kinds of emails from time to time as people jump on the mailing list to get the free stuff and then hate the fact that if they want a lot more of me then they are going to have to make the choice to invest in themselves, the same way I invest in myself to the tune of tens of thousands.

Whichever way, they get great stuff on my email list and facebook page and blog because my goal, is to make sure that MY PEOPLE, the ones I am called to serve, will come in contact with me and leave better off whether they buy something or not.  However, I also know that the ones who are really serious about transforming their life and business experience will choose to invest in themselves, either with me or with someone else.

How do I know this?

Because that was my story.  I was the person trying to garner all the information for free – Information I did nothing with. I was the person telling myself that everyone was out to scam me and guess what?!  that was always all that I saw.  Everything started to change the moment I made the choice to invest heavily in myself.  I am, after all, my greatest asset.

I am sure I could have done it without the help of a coach/mentor but why hadn’t I?

Why was I not taking action?  I had all the information.  It was overflowing out of me.  I could answer any question about anything, I knew it all and yet my results were that I was still stuck in a job I did not like, I was still not living to my full potential, I was still unhappy and I was still broke.

But I knew it all… didn’t I?

I was that person who even if I spent a penny on something, I wanted to get at least £1000 out of it but the problem was that I was looking for a reason to doubt and I found many.  After all, these teachers were only human.  And because I found a reason to doubt, I did not do the work and honey, it is the work that leads to transformation.

The work?…  It always works.

This poor subscriber probably came onto my list expecting some kind of magic button that demanded nothing from him/her.  They possibly jump from list to list picking up all the information they can gather and then when the information alone does not bring change and they get invited to (OH MY GOODNESS!) take the next step to more accountability and more results, they balk, they retreat into victim mode about how everyone is out to get them and they jump onto the next mailing list with the new person who will change everything for them.

I know this, because I did this – Except I have never been one to throw insults at people so I would just quietly unsubscribe. and I would go back to telling myself, I just don’t know ‘HOW TO’ do it.  And really, there was always a part of me that had a feeling that the problem was actually me, not anyone or anything out there.

Listen, I am in the business of transforming your life and your business and yes, I can give you information about how to make that happen but if you do nothing with the information, then you get NO RESULTS.  It is that simple.  If you want to speed up the transformation, then yes, I would suggest that you work with a coach who calls you out and tells you when you are messing around and not simply doing the work.  Yes, you can do it alone but you ARE NOT doing it…  WHY?

And how long will you keep wasting time pretending to not know ‘how to’ do something.  We live in a world where every piece of information you need is available for free somewhere on the vast internet or you can get it in a more orderly fashion by joining something cost-effective like the Deliberate Millionaire ( – Yes, it is a very deliberate plug!).

And yet, you still do not understand that it is transformation that you seek.

You know you want results, but you keep thiking that the information alone will do that for you.  It WILL not!

It is accountability that you seek to keep you on track doing the work that will lead you to transformation.

It is reality that you need to hear from someone with no agenda other than your success.

And you just need to do the work consistently, persistently and instead of spending all your time looking out for the ‘scam’, look for what you can learn and apply and please, just DO something with it.

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This is about results and transformation, not information.  Get everything set-up and working before you leave the event.

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