So many rules govern your life

So many do’s and don’ts

Maybe once upon a time, they kept you safe (I doubt it – They simply kept you controlled, they still do)

But now they simply bind you up

They keep you small

You have rules about your sexuality

Leaving you stifled, uncreative and definitely not charismatic

You have rules about what you are allowed to have

Leaving you stuck in lack

You have rules about relationships

Leaving you jumping through many, many hoops trying to be what you were conditioned to consider a ‘nice’ person

You have rules about how you connect with the Divine

Leaving you feeling like a victim of a deity who does not much care to give you anything and who you have jump through hoops for

You have rules for every area of life

And they all serve to keep you trapped in a ‘less-than’ existence

Is it not time to burn down the limitations?

The crazy thing is that you feel guilty all the time

It has become such a normal part of your life that you do not even realise that that yuk feeling lurking beneath the surface is just guilt and shame that you are not quite the person you think you should be

And it is all a result of all the rules and the limits you have placed around you


Face them

Question them

Are they even real?

Or just passed-down thoughts that you took on without question?

Now is the time to question them

To see them for what they are

Prison cell bars

Keeping you trapped


And hungry

Hungry for all of you

You know you could be more

You could do more

You could have more

But you even have rules on what you are allowed to desire and create

Internal rules that keep you from ever fully going after what you desire


Allow yourself to be free

Allow yourself to live a wide-open-space life

It is not the Divine that limits you

It is your unquestioned rules

Your fear-based rules

When last did you actually take those rules to the Divine and ask whether they have any basis in TRUTH?

You mostly assume that the Divine has the same rules as you and so you limit what you can co-create because you come with your pre-conceived ideas of what is allowed.


It takes a brave soul to burn down the limits

Are you that brave one?

Will you deliberately design life, free of all the nonsense?

Start here, download a free copy of my book – The Deliberate Millionaire FREEDOM book: Live Free, Wealthy & On Purpose and read the emails I send you at  It is time to create an extraordinarily prosperous and free life.  It is your divine heritage if you will have the courage to burn down the limits and claim it.

I send you much amazing love

Rosemary Nonny Knight
The Prosperity Minister


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