All The Whys and Wherefores Do Not Really Matter

We are human

We want to understand

We want to know why something happened

Why things work the way others claim they do

We want to understand why we are being led in a particular direction

We want to see the end from the beginning

Except we cannot

Not immediately, at least

Hindsight does really work quite well

But Foresight… not so much in humans

And it is okay

If you are living connected to Source

All you need is the next step

You are here

Go this way

You do it and then you get the next step

You keep taking the steps, one at a time…

Until you get where you want to go…

Except we get caught up in navel-gazing

And in figuring things out when we have no way of figuring them out

And so some get stuck here in the figuring-out process

And never quite make it to where they want to go because they wanted to know all the whys and wherefores

But does it really matter?

Either you reach your vision or you do not

Does it actually matter at this point why something works or why something else does not work?

Even learning something as simple as Maths (well, it is simple for me)

I look back and see that the reason why it was simple for me was I would learn the formula – Who cared why it worked?

I learnt it

I used it

I got great grades in Maths – In fact, got an A star in just one year in my ‘A’ Level maths. It took everyone else 2 years and still some failed!

And the thing is, afterwards I could look back and see why something worked

But at the time of learning, I could not

I must admit, I did not do as well in subjects where I had to KNOW everything at the start…

I was always looking for the formula that worked every single time so I could apply it and understand later.

Not the greatest way to learn, for sure…

But who said traditional schooling was for real learning – My theory is you just play by the rules, get through it and then start your real learning after going through compulsory ‘education’!

Anyway, my system worked to get me ‘A’s and ‘B’s for most of my schooling – Now… I can hardly remember any of it.  ha ha!

And the same now, with certain areas of life…

I have a vision

I learn a system that I feel intuitively sure will work to get me where I want to go

And I apply it until it works

I don’t care why it works

I just keep asking Papa – “Is this still the right thing to do?”


OK, I do it again even if it feels like I am banging my head against a brick wall

Even if my logical mind wants to yell at me to stop being silly

I listen

I trust 

I act

Knowing that, as with all areas of my life so far, the explanation falls into place AFTER, not during or before

Sometimes, I never quite figure out why it worked but it did!

Imagine I had waited to know everything first!!!!!


So, honey, if you are sitting on the fence, waiting to understand EVERYTHING before you move…

Maybe you want to stop that and get into action.

Some things become clear AFTER you walk in faith


SO get to walking, my love!

And before you go…

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Much Amazing Love

Rosemary Nonny Knight
The Prosperity Minister

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