Affirm with me “I am worthy”

Yesterday, I asked the Miracle-makers in the Opulence Circle to whisper repeatedly to themselves…

“I am worthy”

A simple thing to do and it can bring up a world of nonsense if you do it with intention.

Too many people feel unworthy of their good

Too many believe limiting stories of what they are worthy of and so never ever try anything new

Too many think that their past experiences mean something negative about their future possibilities and so again, they hold back from breaking free of the status quo.

Too many are unaware of what they are doing to themselves

And so continue to do it, year in, year out until they suddenly see with clarity that they are the only thing in their own way.

Some break free of the nonsense and have a fresh revival of life

Some again buy into some sad story of it being too late now and then start feeling guilty and ashamed of the time they wasted and go on to WASTE MORE TIME!

This is what I know about you…


Prosperity is your divine right

There is nothing you cannot do, if you will set your mind on it, connect to Source and keep moving towards it intuitively

But I know I can say all this to you until I am blue in the face

If you do not, at the heart of you, think you are worthy then you will find every ‘reason’ under the sun to stay stagnant in a life you do not much like.

You will even fight for that life which is just plain crazy!

Why do we humans spend so much time fighting for our limitations?


Why do people sometimes want to spend lots of time telling me why they cannot do this or that?

Or worse, telling themselves?

OK, if you want what you have and only what you have, then please be my guest

But it changes nothing about what I know to be true

And you are still loved even if you choose to remain stagnant

There is another way though

And it can start by you, taking a few minutes to whisper to yourself “I am worthy” as you focus in on the prosperous life you desire to create and live…

Notice what comes up

What stories come up telling you that you cannot do it?

What beliefs come up telling you that it is impossible?

Clear them all while continuing to tell yourself that you are worthy of total prosperity

Forgive yourself for believing lies

Forgive anyone who spoke lies over you

Clear it all

And make a new commitment to expand

Connect to Source because without this connection, you are limited

Then ask for guidance

Listen to it

Trust it

Act on it

You are worthy of every good thing

You are worthy of an abundant life

You are worthy of freedom, fulfilment and abundance

You are worthy of love

Please do not be the only thing in your way


And before you go…

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Much Amazing Love

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