8 Signs That You Are A Maverick That Will Create Wealth & Live A Fulfilling Life

The Mavericks


One overriding factor that you live to, is the fact that there is more to this life that what we see. You may call it Universe, God, Higher power, intuition even. But you know there is more! A greater depth that you want to access more of. You know that once you start to live from that belief fuelled place then things will start to work better. Now to shake off all the RULES!


Carrying on from point one, the religious rules don’t feel right. And you may have a religion that you ascribe to but you know that the way it is currently portrayed is limited and again, you want more. You may not actually admit this yet because it could mean having the disapproval of those around you, the friends you hold dear and there is fear of punishment mixed in. You are not completely sure that you are loved and cared for and so you worry about punishment, judgement but you want more.


Lets be honest, sometimes, you really don’t like your family/friends. You don’t like the fact that you feel you have to keep keeping them happy, following traditions and cultural rules that stifle you. You are finding the courage to say NO!

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You want what you want. You want to impact many people. You want your life to mean more than it does right now. You are done with toeing the party line and you are ready to make the big ideas come to pass. You have always dreamt bigger than most and you want it all. You thought that made you selfish and people even told you that it did and so you have spent a great deal of your life playing it all down. Pretending to be less so as not to upset the apple cart of the norms around you, but you are done now.

The dissatisfaction is eating you up inside and you are ready to do what it takes to live bigger. You may be in a job right now but you know you want a business. You may already be in business but you know it could be more! You don’t want to do anything because you HAVE TO, you want your whole life to be about what YOU WANT!


Guilt, shame, ardent desire, numbness characterise your sex life. There is a lot of confusion there. You get the feeling that things are not quite as simple as you have been led to believe but who the heck are you going to ask? The people around you would not even know how to deal with your questions! You hide it away and try to pretend that it is all okay but you want to be able to acknowledge your sexiness without fear, without having to hide who you are, without having to do things in the dark because you are worried about what even your partner might think if they knew.


You have always known that you are more capable than most. Yes, you have had to battle with a lack of self-belief and it seems that life has always attacked you in the area of your identity. A lot of the time, you feel uncertain about who you are and what you are supposed to be doing but you have still created a lot of success by the standards of most people. They do not see this uncertain part of you, except maybe really close friends but even they do not quite understand when you try to explain how you feel inside. They see the highlights but not the depths. And honestly, they are slightly in awe of you and want you to be their continuing rock and so, they don’t want to know about your weaknesses and so you feel alone in a crowded space.

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Always feel like on the outside looking in even though you can be the life of the party at times and other times, you just want to be alone. A weird blend of extrovert and introvert. You never feel at home with people’s expectations of you and that sometimes makes you feel that there is something wrong with you. Even when you try to play their games and live to their agenda (which you have done for a long time), you never seem to completely satisfy them and also, you feel a growing resentment that you keep downplaying your own vision to give them theirs. YOU ARE DONE now!


You like to speak, write, communicate. You have opinions but you felt they were too extreme and so you learnt to shut them down. Or maybe, you were even told that your writing was not that great and so you stopped it but you believe in the power of the word to change minds and hearts and you want to influence people in this way.

Does The Above Resonate?

I could say more but here is where it starts…

I have just created a free FB group for us to chat, to support each other, to share different ideas about freedom – As a maverick, we just really want to be free of our own internal hold backs and also, of what the norms want us to think and how they want us to act. We have a vision of lots of influence, wealth, abundance and I am holding a free call for you on Wednesday night or it will be in group already when you arrive – Only people in the group will have access to it.

It is called THE FREE LIFE – How to live free, wealthy and on purpose.

You will discover…

– When and how to break free of family relationships that bind you up
– When and how to break free of sexual limitations
– When and how to break free of a career/business that is not working for you
– When and how to break free of religious rules
– How to deliberately design a free life where you wake up each morning so pleased to be alive, so full of purpose and excitement at all that is unfolding.

Join the group at Facebook.com/groups/rnkmavericks

Fight for, deliberately design the life you are born to live!

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