7 Things to Consider When Providing Great Customer Care

7 Things to Consider When Providing Great Customer Care


You are in business because customers or clients have chosen to buy something from you. Without providing great customer service and building relationships with the people in your business, you can expect that they will move on and there will be no loyalty to you.


Here are three things to consider in order to deliver great customer care.


  1. Build Those Personal Relationships 

    Actively work to keep the personal touch in your business. If you work with a small number of people then make sure you touch base with them personally to find out if there is anything you can do to help them.If you have a huge number of customers, then set them up in an autoresponder whenever they buy from you or even when they join your community as a prospect. Do treat buyers different from prospects but stay in touch with both.

  2. Ask For Feedback 

    Find out what people in your community want and whether your current products and services are serving them well. Are there any adjustments that they would want within reason. Are there any other products or services that could help your customers reach their goals.

  3. Respond Quickly 

    In this social media driven world, keeping your eye on what is being said about you is absolutely necessary. Yes, you want to keep an ear on the ground for the negative so you can deal with it immediately but more than protecting your back, make sure that you are showing how much you care about the wellbeing of your clients and customers. Make sure you actually do care about them and treat them as friends, and not numbers or profit in your bank account. Foster loyalty by responding quickly.

  4. Be Patient 

    Customers tend to reach out for help when they are frustrated or unable to easily deal with the problem themselves, so they may be upset. Learn to be patient with them and explain clearly what is second nature to you. You may understand how everything in your business works because this is your business but they do not. They do not live and breathe your business, so don’t expect them to understand like you do.

  5. Use Positive Language 

    When dealing with the queries of customers, make sure you use positive language, reinforcing what you can do rather than what you cannot. For example, customers wants an item that is not available for two weeks. Instead of saying “I cannot do it”. Say “The item will be ready in two weeks, Let me place the order for you now so that you get the first batch”

  6. Maintain Happiness In The Face Of Crankiness 

    No, the customer is not always right as you will discover the longer you stay in business but you can still remain happy even if the customer is being unreasonable. Do not let their attitude affect yours.

  7. Manage Your Time 

    Not every customer can be helped – Recognize that and move on.

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