3 Ways You Can Handle Your Business/Life Not Going To Plan – Only One Is Valid!

When business is not working the way you want it to, it is like almost reaching orgasm and then having it all fizzle out…

All that energy, all that pent-up feeling and then NOTHING!

How anticlimactic and FRUSTRATING

Things not working the way you want them to…

Things not going to plan…

Customers not buying no matter how much you push and push…

What is a leader to do?

What would you do if it was sex we were talking about?

Three options…

  1. Live with the unfulfilment
  2. Wait for someone to come finish you off
  3. Take responsibility and finish yourself off.

Which option will you take?


Oh well, I am single.  I don’t have a partner and so therefore I have to remain frustrated forever.  Or well, my partner does not want to have sex all that frequently so I suppose I am just going to have to put up with it.  I cannot ask him/her anymore because they may feel I don’t love them or that I don’t understand so I had better just settle for whatever I can get.

Translated to “Maybe I just want too much.  Maybe, I expect too much.  I should be happy with what I have, I suppose.”

“I am blessed after all, Lots of people do not have what I have so I should be grateful and happy with this.”

“I can learn not to want so much.  It is bad of me to be so greedy.  I just need to settle down.”

“I cannot ask for the sale any more, I cannot send another email.  People will think I am too desperate or pushy and I don’t want to pressurize anyone into buying.  I mean if they wanted what I have then they would have bought already, right?”

“Maybe I am not cut out for this, I better go find myself a job”


OK, well I can only reach orgasm when my partner is ready and willing.  I have to wait for them.  Maybe, if we are not too tired at the weekend, then maybe I can reach orgasm.  Actually, I better stop thinking about this, I am not sure what my higher power thinks of me thinking so much about sex.  I should be happy to be in a relationship.  Who needs sex?  Oh, is he/she done already?! I did not quite get there and I am too scared to tell them so I will just make the right sounds and pretend it was nice.  I really should not take so long to get ‘there’.

Translated  to “I need the permission of my pastor before I move.  Or maybe that voice from the heavens telling me that I am now ready to fulfil my mission”

“There was that one promising prospect that I can hang all my hopes on.  I am sire they will come through for me”

“I should just give it all away for free, after all, I cannot ask people to pay me to help them.  That would be too greedy and I really don’t think that God would approve”

“Maybe if I reduce the price then someone may want it”

“I am not sure that what I am selling is worth much so I can just give it away for as little as possible to make it worthwhile to them”

“I feel a little resentful that they are taking advantage of me but hey, customer is always right…”


What if my orgasms, as well as my sales are completely up to me?  What then?

How can I make sure that I get everything that I want, in the bedroom and in the marketplace?

Maybe, I need to read a book or two about intimacy and how to ask for what I want or how to bring myself to completion…

Maybe I could read a book about selling – How to get people over the line…

Maybe I could Work with a coach to help me fully own my power in both areas…

Maybe I could work with Rosemary for 7 days in RELENTLESS. SEXY. SALES (RosemaryNonnyKnight.com/relentless) and learn how to make more money online being unapologetically ME!  Charismatically calling in my audience using every single power available to me!

Maybe, as I fix one, the other will get sorted out as well…

Maybe, just maybe, it is completely ON ME to demand from life every.single. thing. I. want…

And maybe, I just need to be single-minded about getting it?

Maybe, just maybe, the only reason I am so dissatisfied is because I have been going with option 1 or 2…

That stops NOW!

I am in this to win this…

Leader, which option do you take?

Fight for, deliberately design the life you are born to live!

Because you want to!

PS – Join me for RELENTLESS. SEXY. SALES – The 7 day online business bootcamp for leaders who want to make more money online being unapologetically themselves.  If you are called to teach, speak, inspire other people and you are done with playing small potatoes in a sea of wannabe entrepreneurs, then stop procrastinating and come join in – RosemaryNonnyKnight.com/relentless.

I look forward to working with you!

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