3 Foundational Beliefs Of The Rich

Would you like to create a RICH life, on your terms?

Take these beliefs on board.

1. Abundance is your birthright

– Whether that is wealth, fulfillment, happiness, love, success, everything.  If you do not believe this, then you will not allow yourself to live both a purpose-driven AND wealthy life.  Most people seem to choose one or the other as though that is the only choice.

What do you really believe?  Can you be both rich and fulfilled, living out your calling?

2. Your Dreams, Ideas Are There For A Reason

I believe that the reason why you have those dreams that keep niggling at you, is because you are exactly the person to make it happen…

And you may discount your dreams because you think that everyone dreams of the same things.  They don’t!

If you took the time to actually ask others what they dreamt about (like I have), you might be surprised to realize that on the surface, it kinda looks like yours but when you dig deeper, the way they want to fulfill it, is completely different from you.

And I tell you this because you think that you are just the same as everyone else with dreams that are just too silly to make happen and it is not true. There is a calculated design to this universe so no 2 humans are made alike!  There is a reason to the differences and the rich know this.  We know that we are uniquely gifted to fulfil our dreams.  We know that our dreams are not given to taunt us but for us to fulfil.

So, stop discounting the ideas that keep niggling at you.

3. The World Works Better When Everyone Is Rich & Does the Work They Are Called To Do

This is no ‘dog-eat-dog’ version of reality.  The truly rich understand that whatever they want for themselves, they also want for others.

When everyone starts to follow their particular bent then the world will start to work a lot better.

There will be less talk of global warming because someone among us will have the solution…

There will be less talk of world hunger because someone or someones among us will start the process of solving that as well…

There will be less talk of any number of vices once we all step up to the plate of our calling and become the people we are designed to be on this day, in this time.

Will you take on board these beliefs so that you can create your rich life?

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