This Is The Core Principle For Wealth Creation

Wealth Creation

Wealth creation always comes back to the simple things…

The simple things that you do on a regular basis…

‘Norms’ go looking for the complicated things, the strategy that they can place on top of the strategy they are NOT implementing now and they find nothing because you know what?!

It ALWAYS comes back to the simple things.

Some days, I get tired of myself running this race for the complicated thing that never exists…

Thankfully, those days are few and far between now as I have finally learnt the lesson that I could have learnt years and years ago – There is no magic!

I used to think that if I just kept searching under every rock, I would finally hit that magic bullet that would turn me overnight into a billionaire and honey, I can tell you right now…


And I see you doing exactly the same thing, wasting time looking for a magic thing, magic strategy that does not exist.

You go from coach to coach, from course to course, from seminar to seminar, looking, hoping, praying that somehow you will find the thing that others seem to have found, find the magic that has eluded you to date…

You hope and pray that if you stare at the numbers long enough you will see a magic pattern that you can rinse and repeat…

And yet, all the while, the magic is actually right in front of your face!

Wealth creation is in the everyday stuff.

The daily, showing up and telling people what you are about…

The daily building of an audience any old how you can, whether on email or in social media…

The daily making of an offer and inviting them to buy whether or not, some people put you down for it or not…

And it is this simple!

You just have to commit to stay on the path.

And no matter which coach you work with, no matter what snake oil you think they are selling, when it comes down to it, they are there to keep you on track, taking action each and every day to get you results because…


But you are not doing the work!

You are trying to find a way to avoid the simple, basic, daily work…

And so you waste time!

Of course, you can look for better, more efficient ways to run your business, I am not telling you to stop learning new things that can help but you do that AFTER you have done the daily work that you know to do!


Man, I would be lying if I did not admit to the fact that, at times, I look back at all the wasted time in my past…

All the time, I could have just got to work doing what I knew to do and how much further would I be now?

I would be in the millions because the path to a million dollars is simple – You just set your intentions, and you put one foot in front of the other steadily and with trust that the work you do will result in the result you want.

That is it!

And instead, I dithered and procrastinated and got distracted by life, and thought that my past had any power over my present choices and ultimately, I just did not get on and do the work.

And I know hindsight is fine thing – It is easy to look back now and see the mistakes I made, of course! And no, I don;t feel sorry for myself all that much but I se it as a warning to you to stop doing this thing that ‘norms’ are prone to doing.

Don’t distract yourself with non-issues…

Don’t spend your work time looking for magic bullets…

Take inspired action instead!

You know what you want!

And all that gets in the way, is your ability to keep moving forward, without allowing all the nonsense in your past, hold you back.

So, please do the work!

The world really does wait for you to wake up and get to being the person you are created to be!

You really do have a purpose and there is a reason for you being here in this place at this time…

And you do know that deep inside, hence the feeling that you have to do more, the dissatisfaction that eats at you when you consider your current existence.  It is all there to remind you to wake up and stop wasting your time on pointless expeditions.

DO THE WORK first each day!

And then maybe, if there is time, learn how to refine it!

For me, the work is to show up daily in social media…

For me, the work is to ensure I have a working FB Ad adding people to my list daily…

For me, the work is to write a daily blog post and convert it into videos, audios and distribute it all around the web…

For me, the work is to tell this ever-increasing audience about how I can support them and then invite them to take the next step…

For me, the work is to support my clients in making their dreams come true.

For me, the work is to be a great partner and mum to my kids as everything affects everything…

I know this is my work and I do it daily – Do you know your work?  or are you still allowing daily overwhelm make you believe you don’t know what to do?  are you still out there reading, learning but never, EVER implementing?

If so, then enough!

It is time to implement!

It is time to take the next step!

It is time to put together your own daily plan and follow it, until the result you want appears!  (You can get a copy of mine at – Your business WILL grow if you implement it)

Enough dabbling and procrastinating – It is time to win!

It is time to fight for, to create the life, the business you want!

WORK WITH ME, ONE on ONE IN 2016 – A Private Mentoring Opportunity for TWO Determined People!

If you know that 2016 is the year that you stop procrastinating and start taking action to create a life and a business that you actually want to live.  You have big ideas that you want to make happen and you are fed up of allowing nonsense to get in the way of you living this one life you have, to the full!

If you know that you are ready to have massive impact and create massive wealth in 2016 then, honey, you want me in your corner.

I am opening the doors for just TWO more people this month to work with me starting in January to …

  • Figure out exactly what you want to do!
  • Become THE alpha version of yourself that you absolutely know you are capable of being so that you create, with absolute determination, the life and the business you desire.
  • Revamp completely your beliefs about what is possible for you and what you are allowed to make happen.
  • Know exactly what you need to do and how EXACTLY to do it so you start immediately having impact and creating the life and the business you actually want.
  • Fully own your awesome, your crazy and start showing up in the world as the person you really truly are and so then you start to be surrounded by YOUR people!

Send me a message on Facebook, if you are interested and I will be in touch

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