10 Negative Thoughts That Slow Down Your Progress To Wealth & Success

negative thoughts

On the quest to build a truly prosperous life, you will be assailed by numerous negative thoughts.  A lot of the time, you may not even realise that you are affected by them because they have become such a part of your normal life that you assume it is okay to have these negative thoughts running through your brain.

The thing is, they hold you back.

Here are ten of the culprits

1. This is as good as it is going to get so be thankful

On the face of it, that sounds reasonable.  And yet, when you work to that premise, you are not likely to put too much effort into changing the status quo.  It all feels so inevitable and so you hold yourself back by not challenging yourself to dispute the norm.

Yes, be thankful for your life but never stop expanding.

2. I may not be cut out for this

Of course, you feel this when you do something different, something new.  It is part of the expansion process but you do not have to act on the thought.  The truth is, you can handle anything you put your heart and mind into.  Scary though it seems initially, expect that feeling to fade as you expand into more.

3. What people think of me affects what I am allowed to do

You can give yourself permission, you know.

It does not matter what others think or say about you.  Be confident enough to make up your own mind away from the ‘norm’ tribe, about what you choose to do.

4. I am too old to do anything new

You are only ever as old as you think you are.  People are doing all kinds of exciting things at ever-increasing ages and so, it comes down to what you allow yourself to believe about yourself.

Something empowering or disempowering?

5. I am too young and no one will respect me

Again, the age thing only matters when you let it matter.  Act confidently and people will follow you anywhere.  Do not be arrogant and refuse to listen to anyone else but definitely be confident about your views as well.  I still remember taking on my first pharmacy years ago and ruffling the feathers of the older ladies who had been working there for aeons.  The truth is, I could have been a lot less arrogant and it would have made the transition easier.

But well, you do not always see what you can see so clearly with hindsight.

6. One day, I will be able to do what makes me happy

Why not today?

Why put off your best life for even one more second?  You do not know if tomorrow will even come.  Start now to act on your plans.  Stop stalling.

7. What if it all goes wrong

What if it all goes right?  Do not live your life expecting things to always go wrong.  Look for the good, expect the good and see when more of the good shows up.

8. I have to do everything myself – no one else is trustworthy

That is the control freak in you shining through.  You are not good at everything so why not share the load.  You will move faster that way.

9. My negative thoughts will cut me off from a positive life

Being exposed to the personal development world may make you feel so paranoid about having any negative thoughts!  No, we do not want to wallow in them but they do happen from time to time so let yourself off the hook of having to be EVER POSITIVE and casually, work the negativity out of your system.  Trying to pretend it is not there really does not work.

10. I cannot be a great parent and also create a wealthy existence

Why not?

That is just a belief system that keeps you away from living a full life.  You can have it all, if you choose to.  So CHOOSE TO!

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